True Blood Season 6, Episode 6 Promo: 8 Things We Learn
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6, Episode 6 Promo: 8 Things We Learn

Waiting sucks, even when it's just between Sundays. With some of our favorite characters' lives hanging in the balance and the next episode of True Blood still almost a week away, we're looking for any clue about what comes next we can find. Fortunately, the promo for Season 6, Episode 6: "Don't You Feel Me?" is rife with hints about what's coming up.

We've taken a close look at the promo. Here's what we've learned.

Pam vs. Eric. If you were hoping Pam and Eric would refuse to fight, you're out of luck — the promo begins with Pam angrily asking, "You made another vampire?" and Eric snapping back, "I did," and at :21 it certainly looks like they're fighting.

Can Nora be "saved"? At :09 we see Nora apparently feeding, while the Governor voice overs "let's just pray we can fix you." "Now you're playing god," she tells him in the next shot, and she doesn't sound happy about it.

Jason's application goes forward. Jason's latest scheme, joining the LAVTF to save Jessica sure, Jason, that's a great idea — seems to go forward well. At :15 he seems to charm the recruiter by responding to the question "Have you killed many vampires?" with "This week?"

Billith realizes what's happening. At :19 Billith discovers Jessica is gone and realizes "it's happening."

Well, Eric looks pretty alive. At :22 we see Eric looking through a hole in glass (presumably the glass of the area where he and Pam are forced to fight), saying, "I see you Steve Newlin." Steve claims, "I had nothing to do with this," but we doubt Eric is buying what he's selling.

Um ... why is that glass covered in blood? The glass Eric looks through is covered in blood. It better not be Pam's.

Jessica in a "light room." At :28, it looks like Jessica is in some experiment that involves burning vamps with light. Uh-oh. Maybe the fairy blood she drank will help her survive?

Bill blames Lilith. It looks like Bill finds a way to get in touch with Lilith, and he tells her everything that's happening is all on her. She counters that it's all on him. Since they're sorta kinda the same person, it seems like a pointless argument.

Check it out yourself below.

Catch the next episode of True Blood on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.