True Blood Season 6 Finale: 5 Characters Who Can’t Die!
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Finale: 5 Characters Who Can’t Die!

If the True Blood preseason predictions and spoilers were correct, we are still in for the death of a major cast member on this Sunday’s finale. Frankly, the thought of losing some of them make us go into a vampire-cold sweat. While some characters are slightly expendable (what have you done for us lately, Tara?), there are others we don’t think we could bear to lose.

1. Lafayette

The first character we’d certainly protest losing would be the oh-so-fabulous Lafayette. He may not snag as much screen time as those of the supernatural variety, the screen time he does get lights our innards like ET. With his snappy quotes, Mrs. Roper-esque wardrobe, and his inability to take anyone’s crap, we simply could not lose Lafayette. In the words of Lafayette, “You feelin’ me?”

2. Eric

While we’ve steeled ourselves to lose Eric all season long due to the many rumors that he is the one that will meet the true death this season, we have to say this: NO! Just NO! We don’t want to lose our sexy Viking vampire. His combination of good and evil within make for compelling screen time. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes, whether he’s dripping in blood or disguised as a nerdy human. And that voice of his? Fuhgettaboutit! Please, oh please, don’t take our Eric away from us.

3. Pam

And, by the way, we wouldn’t want to lose Eric’s acid-tongued progeny either. Pam’s salty personality is what makes us tune in, week after week. With gems like, “I hate the beach. Fish piss and sand in your cooch,” we just don’t know if we could bear the show without her. And, like Eric, she has a tough exterior but, deep down, we know that woman is all (unbeating) heart. The love/hate relationship between Eric and Pam is our fave of any pairing on the show, so if they take one away from us, they might as well take the other. Sniff.

4. Bill

We haven’t been digging Bilith this season at all, but we do miss our old Bill Compton...the one from those first few seasons. Anyone remember how charming that Bill was? Call us sentimental, but we’d love to see them bring the old Bill back. That’s why we’d hate to see him die on Sunday’s finale.

5. Jason

Last but certainly not least is Jason -- our lovable if not impossibly stupid Jason Stackhouse. Life in Bon Temps just wouldn’t be the same without favorite vampire-fighting but also vampire-loving goofball. When he asked Jessica if she had “Stockholder Syndrome” at vamp camp last Sunday, we knew this was it – we are in serious love with this character. With those sexy six-pack abs, dreamy eyes, and naive but loving personality, the show would officially jump the shark in our eyes if Jason died.

Frankly, the one we could do without after watching this season is Sookie. That character is beginning to grate on our nerves. Between her false bravado, snooty attitude, and her recent, rude, and ill-timed revelation to Sam that she thought they’d always end up together, we’ve had it with Sssssssookie. Alas, the books and the show are based on her, so we know we’re stuck with her, like, forever.

Who would you hate to lose on True Blood? Sound off below!

Catch the Season 6 True Blood finale on Sunday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.