True Blood Season 6 Finale: Did Sookie Make the Right Choice With Alcide?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Finale: Did Sookie Make the Right Choice With Alcide?

Bill. Eric. Alcide. Benlow. Sam. Sookie’s list of suitors on True Blood reads like the roster of an NFL football team. Between the sexy, low key nature of the shifter, the arrogant yet irresistible sultriness of the vamps, and the hyper-masculinity of the werewolf, Sookie had her work cut out for her. Last night, however, we caught a glimpse of her future, and we’re not so sure Sookie make the right choice.

The Season 6 finale took us six months beyond the death of Warlow who, in the end, was actually the demon we initially thought him to be. Arlene was filthy rich and had taken over Merlotte’s (now called Bellefleur’s). Sam and Bill had teamed up to save everyone from the Hep-V-infected vampires. And Tara and Willa had formed a friendship that went beyond the fact that they are kind of like progeny cousins. It all piqued our interest for Season 7 until we saw who Sookie ended up with – Alcide. Le sigh. Was anyone else as disappointed as we were?

Call us old school romantics but, after Bill risked everything to save Sookie from Warlow, we thought they’d rekindle the relationship that started it all. But no, she choose the hairy and slightly grumpy Alcide, who we frankly began to dislike this season when he became a stone cold killer. Yeah, he made things right in the end but we’re still not quite feeling the Sookie/Alcide romance.

Of course, Eric may be out of the running due to that pesky detail that he may have met the sun. We refuse to believe that he’s dead, however, as we have a hard time grasping the fact that the show would make so little of the death of everyone’s favorite Viking vampire. We can’t confirm or deny, but we think he’ll be back next season and could be back in the running for Sookie love (and hopefully some more shots of him sans clothing).

What do you think, TrueBies – were you happy with the Alcide/Sookie pairing?