True Blood Season 6 Finale: Lauren Bowles Says We Should Be “Worried” About Everyone — Exclusive!
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Finale: Lauren Bowles Says We Should Be “Worried” About Everyone — Exclusive!

True Blood Season 6 has flown by; somehow, the finale is only days away! Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with star Lauren Bowles, who plays Holly Cleary, about what we can expect from the nail biting season ender — and which characters we should be worried about. (Spoiler alert: The answer is all of them.)

Read what Lauren had to say about the finale, Terry's death, and her new movie that reunites some True Blood fan faves here.

Wetpaint Entertainment. Before we jump into the finale, we have to talk about the most tragic thing that's happened so far this season — Terry's death. We're still heartbroken by it.

Lauren Bowles: Oh! You have no idea. When I read that ending, of [Arlene] singing him to death — I just wept. It was heartbreaking.

That's obviously been a huge part of your story this season, with Holly supporting Arlene through her grief. What was that like to play?

It was sad, because I was obviously heartbroken to lose Todd [Lowe], as was everybody. Ironically, we shot Episode 8 and 9 out of order, so we shot the funeral first, which we rarely do on our show, but we did it this year. So, in a weird way, that kind of informed the scenes that led up to it, because I kind of knew where it was heading. Carrie Preston is just phenomenal, so it's not like I had that much preparation to do on my part. All I really had to do was honestly react to her. She makes it so easy.

Are we going to be seeing more of Holly and Arlene's friendship in the finale?

Well, I can't say too much about exactly what you're going to see in the finale, but I will say that there's one thing that happens that I think is going to be a total surprise that really sets up next year like no other. Let's just say, you're really going to have to stick with your brood in order to survive, 'cause next year's gonna be crazy. So, it is about kind of banding together with who you got in your camp, so I think it's a safe assumption to say that her peeps at Bellefleur are going to be close at hand, for sure.

I've been wondering if we'll see Holly use any of her Wiccan powers in the finale.

You know what? This year has been a little away from her Wiccan prowess. I get asked that all the time and I'm like, "Hey, yeah. What about that?" I'm sort of bummed as well, because I think it's such a fascinating aspect to her. I was really steeped in that world in Season 4, obviously, so that's when I did my research on it, and it's really just a religion. It's not like she's a medium like Lafayette, where it just happens. It's something she really sits down to do, she worships the goddess of nature. It's a really beautiful religion, actually, and I think her faith is a really big part of who she is.

We have been sort of away from that this year, so I don't know that you'll see so much of that coming in the finale. But I'm certainly hoping we get more of that next year, because I've missed that aspect. It's been really fun to explore her personal relationships this year, it would be fun to see it all integrated next year.

It gives her a unique perspective, too. She's kind of lumped in with the unpowered humans, but she does have this other side of herself.

Exactly! It's something she for sure knows how to access.

True Blood Season 6 Finale: Lauren Bowles Says We Should Be “Worried” About Everyone — Exclusive!
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Speaking of her human relationships, based on the previews, it looks like Andy is going to be a man of action in the finale. How does Holly feel about that?

I think she certainly understands that he's not someone who will happily sit by the sidelines. As much as her faith is a part of her, he's fairly loyal and has a need to protect. I think she knows that's a part of him as well, so there'd be no trying to talk him into staying home. She was able to the one time when when he wanted to go after Bill, but I think she knows that if there's a possibility that something could get done, he's gotta go. I don't think she would ever try to hold him back from that.

Obviously everyone's concerned that there are going to be more deaths in the finale. How worried should we be about the remaining characters?

Oh, worried! Really, none of us are safe. Truly. People are always like, "Oh, you're talking about next year, that means you're coming back." And I'm like, "Or does it?" [laughs] You really never know.

As actors, they're really respectful, in that they let you know, they give you the call ahead of time — like, Todd got the call early on in the season. It's not like you just get the script and are like, "Oh, OK, I guess I'm gone." They're very nice about it. But truly, my joke about the show is, "Unless you're Anna [Paquin], anything could happen." You can't really have the Sookie Stackhouse novels without Sookie, so she's about the only one who can rest assured that she has a job. For the rest of us, anything can happen.

It's funny, I was scared of getting the call from the moment I started the show, and I thought, "That's just because I'm the newbie." Then. I remember I was shooting a scene with Nelsan [Ellis], who you would think, if anyone's secure — just because he's the coolest cat in the world, he really is as a person, and also he's a fan favorite. So I was like, "You don't have to be scared." But he was like, "Every day." And I was like, "Oh, OK, I get it. Everyone is [scared]."

"Oh, this feeling is never going to go away!"


Looking forward to Season 7, assuming you survive, are there any characters you'd like to interact with more that you haven't had much screentime with?

I would love, and what I think you're going to see more of next year — because the cast is so big, there have been so many storylines, and I've never really had that much to do with the vampires. I think it would be really fun to commingle the two worlds, kind of like they did at the beginning of the series. Because that's really what it was all about; these two separate worlds finding a way to co-exist together. So I would say any of the vampires would be fun to do stuff with.

True Blood Season 6 Finale: Lauren Bowles Says We Should Be “Worried” About Everyone — Exclusive!
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From what I've heard, that's the vision for Season 7, right?

Yes. [Executive Producer Brian Buckner] definitely has talked about it in the press, and he's talked about it to us individually, getting back to the roots of what the show was originally is his vision, and I'm super excited, I'm fully on board with that. I think that ultimately what Alan Ball did so well is to immerse yourself in this small town world, and the vampires being an analogy for all outsiders, and really seeing the dynamics.

I'm excited to see a return to the roots. Will it be clear from the Season 6 finale how that's going to happen?

I think so. The finale this year, to me, sets up next year more so than any other year has. Because of a certain thing that happens that I will not say, but it really sets up where you'll see them next year.

That's interesting, because often with True Blood finales you're left wondering "where are they going to go next year?! I have no idea!"

Exactly! Something huge always happens, we're always going to be counted on for a big blowup finale. In the past it's left things hanging, which is fun on its own way — "Where on Earth are they going to go from here?" Whereas this year, it's like, "Oooooh, I see where they're going."

I think fans will not be disappointed. Of course, you never know, and someone always has something to say about something, but I think that whatever you might feel about it, you will not be bored. That I can promise.

What other projects do you have coming up?

Out in the fall, I think right before Halloween, there's a movie called Starving Games coming out, which is one of those spoof movies, of The Hunger Games. I play Effoff, which is a play on the lovely Elizabeth Banks' character, which is great fun. That's coming out right before the real Hunger Games opens.

And then I just shot two movies once we went on hiatus. One called Underdogs, and another called What Lola Wants. And What Lola Wants was really fun because I got to play the wife of our dearly departed — well, I was going to say 'our dearly departed Todd Lowe.' I'm glad he's not departed! Terry Bellefleur is, his character. But I got to play Todd's wife, which was so much fun.

Was it weird to play different characters with someone you'd been working with?

It was! What was funny was it was the casting director from the show, that's how she knew to offer it to us. I'm not a Holly Wiccan type [in the movie], but we're sort of a super-duper hippie granola couple. So they're different, but not so far off that it was widely different. But it was just fun to get to play husband and wife. He's so awesome, so any time you get to play with him — I ran and took it.

And it will be fun for True Blood fans to watch!

Exactly! Yeah, we tweeted all kinds of pictures and jokes. I was like "Sorry @Carriepreston, I'm stealing your husband!"

Don't miss the True Blood finale on Sunday, August 18 at 9 p.m. on HBO!

For more from Lauren, follow her on Twitter @LaurenEBowles.

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