True Blood Season 6 Finale Spoilers: Is Eric Northman Dead?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Finale Spoilers: Is Eric Northman Dead?

We knew going into True Blood’s Season 6 finale that there was going to be a lot of deaths, but we never expected them to happen so rapid-fire in the middle of the episode — especially when it came to fan favorite Eric Northman. But is he really dead?

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When Eric jetted off at the end of Episode 9, we had no idea where he was going. Turns out that he flew to Sweden to relax and read naked, and seemed to be having a lovely time. However, everything changed when Warlow was staked.

Yes, Jason (with the help of Niall, who returned to their universe via Sookie’s bathroom) staked Warlow, exploding him into a pile of goo, and with Warlow went all of Lillith’s remaining blood. Bill was no longer Billith in any capacity, all of the vampires could no longer play in the sun, and Eric lost his ability to day-walk, too.

Since he was sitting in the middle of snow-covered Sweden, lounging in his birthday suit while reading a novel, he had no protection. There was nowhere for him to run, so the sun started setting him on fire, and we last saw him screaming as he erupted into flames. Since he didn’t explode or disintegrate, we’re unsure if he’s dead yet. When the episode flashed forward six months later, we didn't see him or Pam — who was headed to find him earlier in the ep — so there's a chance that they're both dead. We'll have to wait until Season 7 for closure. Talk about a cliffhanger!

Do you think Eric is dead, Truebies? Sound off below!

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