True Blood Season 6 Finale Spoilers: 12 Things We Learn From the Promo
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Finale Spoilers: 12 Things We Learn From the Promo

Where did the summer go? Somehow, we've already reached the end of True Blood Season 6 — all that's left is the finale (Season 6, Episode 10: "Radioactive"), which airs next Sunday, August 18.

What's actually going to happen in the last episode of the season? It's hard to tell. Vamp Camp has been overturned, Terry has been buried — basically, the show could go anywhere from here. Fortunately, the promo for the finale gives us at least some clues about what's going down next week.

We've taken a close look at the promo. Here's what we learned.

It's vamps vs. humans. The promo opens with a shot of some bloodthirsty vamps strolling through the night, and then cuts to Reverend Daniels warning, "There are roving bands of sick and hungry vampires out there, and they are on the march." It looks like the entire town is gathered to hear the bad news. Based on this opening, it would appear the main conflict next week will be between the crazed vamps Eric loosened on the world, and the Bon Temps humans (and their allies).

Speaking of allies... At :08, we see Jason and Andy walking cautiously through the night. Bill appears to be with them.

Will Bill make it right? "You have the opportunity to make this right," Jessica tells Bill at :10. At :31, he looks furious.

Is that a wedding ceremony we spy? At :12 we see Warlow setting up a complex display of flowers and chimes, while Sookie looks on, expression unreadable. Our guess is that he's determined to marry her there and now. Is that what she really wants? At :26 their glowing hands are joined. Again, seems like a faerie wedding ceremony to us.

Jason and Andy packing heat. At :16 we see Jason load a gun, at :18 we see Andy raise what looks like a sniper rifle, and at :25 Andy is holding up his gun with a look of pure anger on his face. "We're going in heavy," Andy says at :17. "There ain't no other way," Jason says. Are they shooting at vamps? It does look like Jason is trying to take down Violet at :19.

Jason and Sookie reunited. At :18 we see Jason standing with who we think is Sookie. Nice to see the sibs together again.

Tara's mom in tears. At :19 we see Tara's mom crying. It looks like she's holding someone. Does something bad happen to Tara? Reverend Daniel?

Faerie powers activate! Someone uses faerie powers in an extreme way at :20.

Adilyn in trouble. Someone who could be Violet attacks Adilyn at :23, which could explain what's going on with Andy and Jason.

Alcide ready for action. Alcide certainly looks ready to pounce at :27.

Vamps having fun. Vamps are still celebrating in the sun at :27.

What was lost. "I can't give you back what was lost," someone (sounds like Sookie) says in voiceover at the end. Who is she talking to?

Check it out yourself below.

Catch the finale of True Blood on Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.