True Blood Season 6 Finale: Who Will Die? 3 Characters Most Likely to Perish
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Finale: Who Will Die? 3 Characters Most Likely to Perish

All season long, we’ve been holding our breath for the next big death on True Blood. Season 6 has had plenty of carnage — basically all humans at vamp camp — and a few emotional and heartbreaking goodbyes — Terry Bellefleur, Eric’s sister Nora, and Steve Newlin — and the finale will likely be jam-packed with deaths, too.

We’ve been speculating about who will die for nine episodes, and with the finale only four days away, it’s time to break down who is most likely to perish.

Eric Northman. This would be the most painful and heartbreaking death in True Blood history, but there have been many clues that it will happen — most recently, Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam) teared up at the mere thought of losing him. Since the finale was filmed long ago, that could be her thinking back to the bloody final Pam and Eric scene, or remembering that she won't be working with Alexander Skarsgard anymore. Plus, Eric bolted up into the sky at the end of the penultimate episode, and we know he’d sacrifice himself if he has nothing left to lose. At this point, he's lost his maker, his sister, and his love (Sookie). Yes, he still has two progenies, but he’d definitely die to save them. We’re most nervous about this one.

True Blood Season 6 Finale: Who Will Die? 3 Characters Most Likely to Perish
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Alcide Herveaux. Throughout the season, Alcide has more or less been completely separate from the rest of the characters on the show. Save for a scene or two with Sookie and a convoluted plot line with Sam Merlotte, he’s been M.I.A., and we wonder if we’d even notice he was gone. This isn’t to say that we don’t love Alcide, but he has an angry former pack who is ready to attack and he has very few ties in Bon Temps. Sookie has clearly moved on, so if he dies in the finale — probably saving her — at least his suffering would be over.

Sam Merlotte. What we said about Alcide? Tweak it a little bit and it spells out why Sam could die in the finale. Most of his storyline this season has circled around how he rebounded with a girl who was basically stalking him (Nicole), saving her from angry wolves, almost dying because of her, and then getting her pregnant. We briefly saw Sookie and Sam talk about their love (or lack thereof), but other than that, he has barely been running his bar, he only resurfaced to speak at Terry’s funeral, and writing him off wouldn’t be the worst thing for the show.

Who do you think will die? Sound off below, Truebies!

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