True Blood Season 6: 5 Things We Want to See in the Finale
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: 5 Things We Want to See in the Finale

True Blood ends its shortened Season 6 this Sunday, August 18, and with it comes a lot of promises. Showrunner Brian Buckner revealed that this will bring the hit HBO show back to its roots, focusing on the humans instead of just the supes, as a war is waged between vamps and Bon Temps residents.

With that intel in mind, we’ve dreamt up five things we want to see in the epic finale — and yes, that does include some major carnage.

Bring it home. As Brian said — "We are going to reduce the number of stories we're telling and make this feel like we're going home." — we want things to be less complicated and more like the show we know and love. For the past few seasons, True Blood has split apart the characters into their own separate storylines, i.e. Season 6’s werewolves vs. shifters, Vamp Camp, and Sookie’s life. Things have started to come together with Terry’s funeral, Warlow’s involvement in Sookie and Bill’s life, and Eric’s rampage, so it seems like a relatively easy task to bring everyone back together.

Shocking deaths. As sad as we were to see Terry, Nora, and Steve go, they were relatively predictable, and not as hard-hitting as a character like Eric or Bill dying. Since Bill already perished and turned into Billith, the big question mark is whether they’d kill Eric, Pam, Jason, Jessica, or another fan favorite off. They’ve all come close to death, so we’d love for the writers to really go for it and kill someone shocking. We’d miss them, but it would be a big turning point for Season 7. (Plus, Rob Kazinsky noted “we’re going to lose so many people,” so it makes sense.)

True Blood Season 6: 5 Things We Want to See in the Finale
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Teamwork. This may sound silly, but if the vampires, werewolves, shifters, and more all band together as a united front, the war of humans vs. supes will be more exciting. Yes, it will cause more bloodshed and be traumatic, but isn’t that what True Blood is known for? It will be interesting to see where Sookie sides in all of this, given that as a faerie, she isn’t exactly a human.

Sookie getting turned — or close to it. The biggest shocker would be if Sookie becomes a vampire-faerie hybrid, too, in her eternal marriage to Warlow. Though we still hold out hope for her and Eric, Bill, or many of her other suitors, this would change the entire tone of the show. Sookie is one of the untouched “humans” and we can’t imagine what would happen with her relationships with brother Jason — not to mention her vampire friends and lovers — if she makes this shocking decision. If anything, the build-up will be one for the record books.

Sarah Newlin’s return. This crazy devout Christian has caused a lot of trouble this season, gone crazy, and even murdered, and we’re hoping Episode 9 wasn’t the last we saw of her. It would be a suicide mission for her to return to Bon Temps, but having her wrap up her storyline in a bloody good way would be the perfect ending to Season 6. Then again, she could just pop up unexpectedly (again) in Season 7, but it would be better for her to make a splash in the finale instead.

What do you want to see in the True Blood Season 6 finale? Sound off below, and tune in on Sunday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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