Glee Season 6: Five New Characters Added to the Cast! (VIDEO)
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Glee Season 6: Five New Characters Added to the Cast! (VIDEO)

By the back half of Glee Season 5 we were told that the show was leaving Ohio and McKinley High behind for good in favor of the New York crew — Blaine (Darren Criss), Sam (Chord Overstreet), Artie (Kevin McHale), Rachel (Lea Michele), Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Santana (Naya Rivera) — but by the end of the season it was clear that New York was no more as Rachel was headed to Los Angeles to film her pilot. And now it’s been confirmed that McKinley will be a big part of Season 6 as well even though, last we checked, New Directions was disbanded.

Since Season 5 ended several months ago, cast members and Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy have hinted that we’re headed back to Lima, and TVLine confirmed as much today, August 6, when they announced that five new characters — all McKinley sophomores — were added to the cast for the FOX dramedy’s sixth and final season.

So who are these fresh faces? Read on to find out!

The new underdog of McKinley is a fella named Roderick. Described as a “true goober” Rod is chubby and shy but has a killer voice akin to that of Otis Redding. We sense some solos coming his way!

Next up is Spencer, who follows in Finn’s (Cory Monteith) footsteps as the school’s new football stud. The similarities end there though, as Spencer is also “post-Glee gay.” Translation: He likes boys but people know better than to tease him about it, because if they do they’re in for a serious ass-kicking. Oh, Spenc also has an “incredible voice.” Natch.

Jane — one of the two new ladies we’ll meet next season — was a wannabe Warbler, but since those Dalton Academy dudes don’t allow girls in their ensemble, Jane was forced to head to McKinley and join the New Directions. Billed as “righteous, ambitious and unconventionally pretty,” Jane is funny because she lacks a sense of humor.

Lastly, we have Mason and Madison, who are male and female twin Cheerios. The twins are said to be “positive” and “weird” (perhaps Madison will be like Brittany?) and Mason gives off a gay vibe despite being into the ladies.

We’ll admit that these five new characters sound interesting, but we were really holding out hope that Glee’s abbreviated final season would focus more on the original characters we know and love.

What do you think of these newbies? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: TVLine