True Blood Season 6 Speculation: Will Jason and Jessica Get Back Together?
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True Blood Season 6 Speculation: Will Jason and Jessica Get Back Together?

On True Blood, couples come and go — some break up (Sookie and everyone), some die (R.I.P., Jesus and Terry), and some just disappear (bye forever, Hoyt!). However, there’s one duo that we think could get back together this season if the odds are in their favor: Jason Stackhouse and Jessica Hamby.

After their heartfelt chat a few weeks ago (Season 6, Episode 5: “F*** the Pain Away”), it was clear that they still have feelings for each other. Out of all the people in the world, Jessica went to Jason to share her guilt about murdering Andy’s faerie daughters (and trying to have sex with her maker, Bill), and the heart-to-heart had us tearing up. Though the scene ended tragically — Sarah Newlin revoked Jessica’s invitation to Jason’s house and sent her literally into the arms of the Vampire Police — it sparked another chapter in the Jason and Jessica love saga as he rushed to save her at Vamp Camp.

Last we left the duo, they were apart. Jessica was almost forced into having sex with new vamp James for a copulation study in front of Jason, but thankfully, she was able to get out of it. In the promo for this Sunday (Episode 7: “In the Evening”), we see Jessica and Jason reuniting at Vamp Camp with a tearful embrace, which means he is able to rescue her. However, getting out of there will be the difficult part — Jess even exclaims, “We’re all gonna die in here!” — but at least they’re in it together, right?

If the possibility of the True Death isn’t enough to get them to admit their love for each other, we don’t know what is. Now that Hoyt is finally out of the picture (in Alaska, no less!), there is no guilt for them involved, and they can finally embark on a real relationship if they get out of Vamp Camp. Hopefully we’ll at least to see them share a kiss before the Season 6 finale. Since the Comic-Con trailer also showed her having sex with James, we're a little nervous, though...

Do you think that Jason and Jessica will get back together? Sound off below!

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