True Blood Season 6: Joe Manganiello on Exploring Alcide’s “Aggressive Side”
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True Blood Season 6: Joe Manganiello on Exploring Alcide’s “Aggressive Side”

We know Truebies can’t get enough of sexy werewolf Alcide. True Blood’s Joe Maganiello talked to Australian entertainment site The Age about his character’s story arc in Season 6, how he feels about being a sex symbol, and even warning his mom about his steamy sex scenes. We’re all ears, Joe. Even with your shirt on!

The sexy star said he was upset about Alcide taking years of abuse, and said “he was constantly being picked on, being punched, being cheated on, had guns pulled on him .. I mean, It was just enough already.” So naturally, Joe got excited about the werewolf’s new role in Season 6.

He said, “I was really excited this year to explore that side of him in that … there was a much more aggressive side, a much more active side.” Joe also said that since the beginning of this season, male fans now approach him differently. Hmm … we wonder why. (Hot threesome action, anyone?)

In an endearing admission, Joe humbly said he’s not sure he’s a sex symbol (we assure you, sir, YOU ARE) but he’s not really that concerned about it. He’d rather think of himself as a role model: “As far as being a role model, or thinking of myself as a role model, that is something that I do think about … I think that I do try to work very hard to set an example.”

Showing even more of his sweet, considerate nature, the True Blood star said he warns his mom about his scorching sex scenes! “I do call my mom before sex scenes and say Mom, you might want to walk out of the room on this one, I don’t really want you to see me like this, or know that I would do that … to somebody. I just don’t want that in your head.”

Aw. You keep proving to us that you’re more than scruffy eye-candy, Joe! We love you.

Do you agree that Alcide’s story arc on True Blood has gotten better? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Vault, The Age

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