Glee Season 6: Max Adler Warns Against Jumping to Conclusions About Karofsky’s Return, Impact on Klaine — Exclusive
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Glee Season 6: Max Adler Warns Against Jumping to Conclusions About Karofsky’s Return, Impact on Klaine — Exclusive

Our Klaine-loving hearts skipped a beat late last month when we learned that actor Max Adler was set to reprise his role as bully jock turned out-and-proud McKinley High student Dave Karofsky on Glee — especially since Dave is apparently set to come between Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) in Season 6. When Wetpaint Entertainment chatted exclusively with Max on August 29, he didn’t exactly allay our fears, not that we can blame him. Read on for the details on how Max found his way to Glee, what his character’s return really means for one of television’s most beloved couples, and much more!

Noting that he almost took a movie role in Hawaii instead, Max made it clear right off the bat that being a part of Glee’s sixth and final season was very important to him. “Glee reached out and asked if I’d be interested in reprising the role and coming back and being a part of the final season, and I was very excited to get that opportunity,” he tells us. “Glee has a special place in my heart, as does that role, so I decided to be a part of the final season.”

Glee Season 6: Max Adler Warns Against Jumping to Conclusions About Karofsky’s Return, Impact on Klaine — Exclusive
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Apparently, part of what swayed Max back to Glee is the fans’ dedication. “I think it’s a really cool, exciting, and flattering thing to have people so passionate about the characters and the storyline and the show, because the alternative is that no one’s watching or no one cares, and no one’s invested,” he explains. “I think it’s exciting for them and it’s exciting for us, just to have everyone be so invested and emotionally involved in these characters and in their storylines. It’s a really exciting thing and it’s a testament to the writers.”

Even though Max wasn’t able to confirm much — “with Glee, you have to watch because things happen and change minute to minute” — rumor has it Karofsky will take a special interest in Blaine when he makes his triumphant return, which understandably has Klaine supporters more than a little nervous. Not surprisingly, Klaine ‘shippers have made their feelings known, but Max also points out that there has been plenty of support for and interest in Karofsky as well.

“It’s mixed I guess,” he says of the fan response to his return, “Because I think people are excited to have Karofsky back on the show and see what happened to him and what his future holds and what his life is like after the suicide attempt and after being in such a dark place with such turmoil. But I don’t think they’re excited to see the storyline that is out there.”

We tried to get some more specifics on how Karofsky’s return impacts Klaine’s relationship (especially since they were in such a good place by the end of Season 5) but Max remained tight-lipped, declaring, “You gotta just tune in and see how it all plays out!”

“I wouldn’t be quick to jump to any final conclusions one way or the other,” he clarifies. “As in life, with TV, things can happen and change with the drop of a hat, so before you make any judgements, tune in and see what happens and go along for a ride.”

Oh don’t worry, Max. We will!

Are you ready for Karofsky’s return, or still uneasy about what his reappearance means for Klaine? Tell us your thoughts below and check back next week for Part 2 of our exclusive about Karofsky’s backstory and how Max would like to see his character’s storyline conclude!

Glee Season 6 is expected to debut in 2015.

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