Castle Season 6 Exclusive: Molly Quinn Says Acting Out Father-Daughter Rift With Nathan Fillion Is “Very Hard”
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Castle Season 6 Exclusive: Molly Quinn Says Acting Out Father-Daughter Rift With Nathan Fillion Is “Very Hard”

Alexis Castle (Molly Quinn) has had a tough time accepting Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett’s (Stana Katic) engagement. Not on principle per se, but more because dear old dad failed to include his daughter in any of the plans, even forcing her to learn of the big news from grandma Martha. And so began a tense father-daughter rift that has so far seen Alexis move out of the loft and in with her eccentric new beau, Pi.

In last week’s episode, Castle and Martha headed to Alexis and Pi’s for dinner, but Rick couldn’t keep his snide remarks about their lives and living situation to himself. Alexis was understandably angry and even rejected Rick’s ice cream peace offering at the end of the instalment.

Wetpaint Entertainment recently chatted exclusively with Molly, and she told us that she actually thinks her on-screen pops got off pretty easy! “I don’t think she overreacted, in fact I think she underreacted,” Molly dished. “She got kind of quiet and deadly which is better that I would have done in that situation. He was really being mean!”

Castle was being unnecessarily rude, and as Molly points out his juvenile offering of an ice cream-centric truce didn’t exactly help the situation. “She’s offended by him offering that because that’s what they did when she was a kid.” Instead, when Castle apologizes he “has to actually mean it, it has to come from his heart.”

We already know that Castle isn’t handling this separation from his only child very well, but how is Alexis fairing with this major life change? “Terribly,” Molly tells us. “That’s another reason that she’s moved out and she’s staying with Pi. She needs to feel loved because she’s not getting that from her dad anymore. That’s a big part of it. What they don't show is that when she closes the door she sinks down and she starts crying. It kills her.”

Nathan and Molly have always shared a special bond both on and off the Castle set, so when we asked her if it’s been difficult to film some more terse scenes with her on-screen dad, we weren’t incredibly surprised by her answer. “It’s very hard for both of us,” she began. “The dialogue and what Alexis and Castle are going through has been very difficult for both of us but we are growing through it, and at the same time we get to work a lot more together, which is awesome.”

Castle Season 6 Exclusive: Molly Quinn Says Acting Out Father-Daughter Rift With Nathan Fillion Is “Very Hard”
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But in Season 6, Episode 7: “Like Father, Like Daughter” — airing November 3 at 10 p.m. ET — Alexis enlists Castle’s help in proving a death row inmate’s innocence. While Molly warned us that this isn’t exactly a turning point for the duo, we’re just excited that they’ll be working together!

Giving us a bit of background on tonight’s episode, Molly says, “This is another thing that Alexis is trying out. She’s always doing something new and when she starts criminal justice classes and gets involved with the Innocence Review Program she meets this guy that she doesn’t believe to be on death row. But it’s not necessarily him or his story, it’s how much his fiancée is by his side.”

Aww, another devoted couple to watch!

Are you happy that Alexis will be asking Castle for help tonight, or do you think their relationship has been permanently damaged at this point? Vote below!

Castle Season 6, Episode 7: “Like Father, Like Daughter” airs tonight, November 3, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.