True Blood Season 6: Most Shocking Moments
Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson    
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Most Shocking Moments

True Blood Season 6 ended on a strange note, flashing forward six months to a Bon Temps where things couldn’t be more different. Sam is mayor (with a thick Southern accent), Merlotte’s is named Bellefleur’s (and owned by Arlene), Sookie and Alcide are in love (and he shaved, kind of), and oh yeah — Hep V-infected vampires were invading town, with Sam and Bill teaming up to pair healthy vamps and humans for safety. Oh, and Bill wrote a book.

But none of those final 15 minutes were the most shocking of Season 6. In addition to many deaths — especially naked Eric bursting into flames at the climax of the episode, though he will be back — there were many twists and turns throughout the shortened season. Read on for six moments that surprised us, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

1. Bill is staked — and lives! Plus, all his crazy powers. In the Season 6 premiere, Bill was about to kill Eric, so Sookie staked him — but he lived. In fact, he just pulled it out of his chest and smiled, saying, “Now, can we talk?” From there, his crazy powers only evolved more. He was completely immortal, telekinetic, and much more, though that changed after Lillith’s blood left him in the finale.

2. Terry’s death being the “big one,” plus Nora, Steve, and Governor Burrell’s death. When we found out that a series regular was going to die on True Blood, we all thought it would be Bill, Eric, Jason, or someone along those lines. Instead, it was sadly Terry Bellefleur, who committed suicide by having a friend shoot him. It was a devastating loss, but shocking in that we didn’t think he would die and he was happy and singing when he was shot. (Arlene had him glamoured to forget his hard times in the war.) R.I.P., Terry… and Luna (skinwalking problems), Nora (bloody explosive death as Eric cried), Steve Newlin (while proclaiming his love for Jason), and Governor Burrell (who was beheaded by Bill). Lots of death in Season 6!

True Blood Season 6: Most Shocking Moments
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO    

3. Sarah Newlin kills Ms. Suzuki with the victim’s stiletto. The bloodiest death in True Blood history goes to… Sarah Newlin? Yep. When the former Fellowship of the Sun leader returned to Bon Temps (as Governor Burrell’s young lover, at that), she went on a tirade at Vamp Camp, showing her true crazy colors when Ms. Suzuki (who controlled Tru Blood production) found out they were tampering with the product, adding Hep V. To shut her up, Sarah chased the other woman (in heels) through camp, then slammed her head into a grate repeatedly, took off Ms. Suzuki’s shoe, and stabbed her in the head with it. Oh, and then she thanked Jesus.

4. Sookie discovers her parents tried to drown her, then her dad takes over Lafayette’s body and tries again. When Warlow appeared in Bon Temps as a sexy guy named Ben, we were shocked. We were even more surprised when he revealed that he actually saved her way back when. Remember that time that he huffed her bloody band-aid and killed her parents? Apparently it was because they tried to drown her, and he was actually saving her. To prove it, Sooks summoned her dead dad via Lafayette, and then daddy took over his body and tried to drown Sookie again. It was a lot to handle, and things even got crazier when Warlow showed his true colors...

True Blood Season 6: Most Shocking Moments
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO    

5. Warlow becomes a monster, gets violent with Sookie, and is ultimately staked. First impressions are always right, Truebies. Warlow was indeed a crazy monster, and we saw him get violent with Sookie when she asked if they could just date instead of getting married and turning her into a faerie-vampire hybrid. His answer was choking her, telling her that she was his to use and f— and feed from, and then he nearly drained her. Thankfully, she was saved by Jason and Bill, and in the middle of the finale, Niall came back and Jason staked Warlow. Bye forever!

6. Eric dies?! Or does he? The most shocking moment of the season was when Eric seemingly died out of nowhere. He had just flown off (much to Pam’s chagrin) and ended up somewhere in snowy Sweden, reading naked in the middle of nowhere. He was enjoying his time in the sun, then Warlow was staked, Lillith’s blood lost its effects for all vampires, and he started burning. As he burst into flames, we felt like we couldn’t breathe — and not just because Alexander Skarsgard went full-frontal — and then the screen cut to black. Thankfully, we know that A. Skars will be back as a series regular in Season 7, but will he be alive or dead? We have to wait a year to find out!

What were the most shocking moments for you, Truebies? Sound off below!

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