True Blood Season 6 Premiere: 5 Questions We Want Answered!
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Premiere: 5 Questions We Want Answered!

With the True Blood Season 6 premiere almost here, we are naturally hoping for a whole lot of questions left over from last season to be answered as soon as possible! Of course, there will be plenty of mysteries we know it will take all season to solve, but there are a few we’d really love to understand early on — hopefully right up front in the True Blood premiere for Season 6!

Is Rutger Hauer Warlow? Or is he Niall Bryant? Or are they both one and the same?

Seriously, we are so confused about Rutger Hauer’s role on True Blood Season 6. From what we’ve seen out there, it looks like pretty much everyone else is as well. On, Rutger Hauer is listed as both Macklyn Warlow (the big bad evil vampire after Sookie) and Niall Brigant (rumored to be a very old Faerie out to help Sookie).

Now, that seems like two very conflicting roles to us! He might be playing both but they aren’t supposed to be the same person. Or he might be playing both and they are two faces of the same character. We don’t know and we really want to know what the heck is going on! Hopefully the True Blood premiere will at least give us a few more clues!

Will Billith be able to walk in the sunlight — and thus hunt down other vamps like Eric in their sleep?

We’ve seen a True Blood spoilers photo (not sure what episode it is from) of Billith with his arms outstretched facing the rising sun — which is usually a no-no for a fanger! So we’re left to wonder... is this a natural ability of the newly possessed Billith because of the age of the vampire blood he ingested? Or did he just suck some really powerful faerie dry to temporarily walk in the sun? Or maybe the Authority has managed to make a serum from faerie blood to allow them all to walk in the sunlight now? Humans beware if that’s the case!

True Blood Season 6 Premiere: 5 Questions We Want Answered!
Credit: HBO    

True Blood Season 6 Premiere: 5 Questions We Want Answered!
Credit: HBO    

Will Tara and Pam freak out over the kiss? Or will they get naked?

Well, we actually know they won’t be getting naked... at least in the first episode! But what kind of crazy emotional turmoil will these two go through while they are on the run for their lives after just locking lips in the heat of the moment? Will they shove their feelings aside to deal with the very real possibility of meeting the true death any minute? Or will all that danger push them even closer together?

What will happen to Jessica with Bill gone and Jason now a vampire hater again?

Jessica happens to be one of our favorite characters because she’s just so lost and floundering around half the time. She has all this power and doesn’t know what to do with it but she’s also weak and easily beaten down by those who are more powerful than she is. Without her mentor/father Bill, new friend Tara all wrapped up with her own crap, and no one else to really lean on — will Jessica finally start embracing her own power? Or will she try to find yet another substitute support system like she did with Tara?

Why does Nora freak out when Jason says the name “Warlow” in front of her?

We know from True Blood spoilers in our possession that Nora totally freaks when Jason says the name Warlow. Now we want to know why she responds so strongly to it. What does Nora know that we need to know?

What burning questions do you have that you’d like answered in the True Blood Season 6 premiere?

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