Glee Season 6: Should Rachel Berry Date Again?
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Glee Season 6: Should Rachel Berry Date Again?

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy recently revealed that he and the show’s other writers have had many a “painful” discussion about whether or not Rachel (Lea Michele) should find love in the show’s final season, and the difficulty of this decision is totally understandable. Finn’s death on the show was necessitated by Cory Monteith’s passing in July 2013, and to make matters even more upsetting, Cory was dating Lea at the time of his death.

We don’t envy Ryan and the other writers for having to decide Rachel’s romantic future, but we trust them to tell the story as they see fit. Yet while the Glee writers are struggling to plan out what’s next for Rachel, Viggle LIVE! users had a clear answer as to whether or not Ms. Berry should find love during Season 6, which is the exact question we posed during the April 15 installment of the FOX dramedy — Season 5, Episode 16: “Tested”.

Care to see how the vote was split? Read on to find out!

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An overwhelming majority of users — 72 percent to be exact — felt that it would be nice to see Rachel get a boyfriend again before the series ends, while only 28 percent of responders felt that it was still too soon for the soon-to-be Broadway star to find love again.

Like we said, this is Ryan’s call to make, and he’s already mentioned that he plans to consult with Lea before making any decisions either way about Rachel’s love life. Do you agree with the majority that it’s OK for Rachel to move on at this point, or does she still need more time to heal after Finn’s death? Tell us how you feel below.

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Glee Season 5, Episode 17: “Opening Night” airs April 22 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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