Castle Season 6: Is Rick Really Ready For Marriage? Andrew Marlowe Says…
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Castle Season 6: Is Rick Really Ready For Marriage? Andrew Marlowe Says…

Many loyal Castle viewers were surprised by Rick Castle’s seemingly rash decision to propose to Kate Beckett during the Season 5 finale, with some even theorizing that the one-time womanizer just popped the question to keep his lady love in New York City and away from that killer job offer in D.C.

However, Castle creator Andrew Marlowe insists that the intent behind Castle's proposal runs deeper than that. "He asked his question out of emotion and passion and the circumstances of the moment," he tells TV Guide. "He was challenged to think about what he really wanted in life. His preferred version is that he has this woman in his life."

Still, the show mastermind acknowledges that the twice-married lothario may not be as ready for marriage with Beckett as he would like to believe.

When asked if his protagonist was finally ready to make a union work, Andrew said, "I think he very much likes to think that is the case, but he is who he is..."

While we’re fairly certain that — spoiler alert! — Beckett accepts Castle’s proposal, it sounds like it won’t be an easy road to the altar for these two … if they even get there at all!

Do you think Castle is ready to be a kept man, or is he better off as a singleton? Weigh in below!

Source: TV Guide

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