True Blood Season 6: Are Sam Merlotte and Sookie Stackhouse Soulmates?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Are Sam Merlotte and Sookie Stackhouse Soulmates?

That Sam Merlotte really gets around! Over the years he’s hooked up with quite a few of True Blood’s female characters, including Tara, Daphne, Luna … and now Nicole. All the while, Sam’s hinted that his feelings for Sookie Stackhouse have never faltered, and in Season 6, Episode 8: "Dead Meat," we learned that Sookie has feelings of some sort for him too.

Record scratch...HOLD UP. We don’t quite remember it that way! Hasn’t Sookie been deflecting Sam’s advances all along? Didn’t she tell him over and over that she just thinks of him as a friend? Interesting that she only turns to him in desperation … and by desperation, we mean the threat of becoming Benlow’s immortal bride.

Fortunately, the smart shifter realized Sook was trying to mind-f**k him, and basically told her enough is enough! For now, anyway. We know Sam told her to get lost because his new girlfriend, Nicole, is actually having his baby, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the silver fox (best new nickname ever! Thanks, Mrs. Wright.) changes his mind and tries to reconnect with his first Bon Temps love.

And let’s talk about the romance with Nicole for second, ok? Luna has been dead for a hot minute, and suddenly Sam’s all “in love” with this chick? Sure, he impregnated her and can smell it, which is all kinds of creepy, but does he actually love her? We mean, it’s only been like a few weeks at most since Luna died! Geez. Shifters must have really fickle hearts.

Since Sam was able to let both Luna and Emma go so easily (way to honor your girlfriend’s dying wish, dude), we’re wondering if poor Nicole and her shifter baby are going to end up kicked to the curb so he can pursue a romance with Sookie. Oh, Sam Merlotte! We’re just not sure what to think of you anymore.

Do you think Sam should end up with Sookie, Nicole, or someone else? Sound off about the scruffy shifter in the comments!

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