Castle Season 6: Seamus and Juliana Dever Talk Ryan and Jenny’s Baby, Bromances, and More — Exclusive
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Castle Season 6: Seamus and Juliana Dever Talk Ryan and Jenny’s Baby, Bromances, and More — Exclusive

The Castle world may be dominated by talk of a Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) wedding these days, but before the beloved couple takes a trip down the aisle, Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) and his wife Jenny (Juliana Dever) will welcome a baby.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the on-screen couple who are just as married and adorable in real life — at the screening of Castle at the Paley Center for Media on September 30 in Beverly Hills, and they told us exclusively about how their on-screen counterparts are preparing for parenthood and much more.

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Wetpaint Entertainment: Can each of you talk about where your character is going this season? Of course with a baby on the way we know how that ends!

Juliana Dever: A lot of it is in our mind because we don’t get a lot of information this far ahead. Probably so we don’t spoil it. Knowing Jenny and knowing Kevin, how is this going at this point? I think I have a lot of cravings that I need Kevin to go out and get things for me. I think that you (Seamus) are probably reading more than me about how to take care of this baby. I think I’m a little bit more relaxed about it and he’s a little bit more…

Seamus Dever: I think I’m a little bit more uptight about it.

Juliana: I think Kevin is a little bit more nervous than I am. Even though we both come from big Irish families.

Seamus: Yeah. It’s one of those things where I’m probably over prepared. I’m probably quite forgetful. But yeah we see what happens with the baby, it will probably be coming up mid-season we think. So something like that will be fun and probably something on the back end, in the back nine [episodes] that explores a little bit more about Ryan’s past which is a lot of fun, we’ve done that the past couple years. So I see no reason why we shouldn’t do it this year!

Castle Season 6: Seamus and Juliana Dever Talk Ryan and Jenny’s Baby, Bromances, and More — Exclusive
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Do you have a favorite episode that you have shot so far that you’re excited for Castle fans to see?

Seamus: Oh this year? Yeah, Episode 3 [“Need to Know”] was a lot of fun. I can’t remember the name of the episode but it’s basically the murder of a Screech-like character from Saved by the Bell, kind of. So like a show like that that Kevin Ryan was really into and everybody thought the show was terrible and hated him and Kevin Ryan is the only person [who liked him.]

It turns out that this character that he loved had a secret past that was with the government and so it turns out more than meets the eye and Kevin gets to sort of clear his name as part of that. So it’s a lot of fun. There are some great guest stars that are a part of that and I think it’s going to be our funniest episode so far that we’ve shot of this season.

Tell us a little bit about your “bromance” with Javier!

Seamus: With Esposito, yeah! It continues.

Juliana: Does it happen in real life? YES!

Seamus: We hang out, we’re dudes but we’re comfortable with our masculinity and hang out. We’re shooting an episode now; I think its Episode 7 that we get to have a nice, fun debate about who is the feminine part of the relationship. Who is the masculine one? So it’s one of those things that he gets to debate who is the feminine part of the dynamic.

Castle airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.