True Blood Season 6 Speculation: Is Sookie Going to Become a Vampire?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Speculation: Is Sookie Going to Become a Vampire?

True Blood has never been a show that’s afraid to shock its audience, and Season 6 has certainly been no exception to that rule. With two jaw-dropping deaths in one episode and Bill’s burgeoning messiah complex, we almost didn’t bat an eye when Sookie found herself in an unlikely romance with an ancient faerie-vampire, the foxy Warlow.

Her love life has never been an easy one. Be it contending with the stigma of dating a vampire, being stabbed in the back by said vampire, or just the general ick that comes from dating a dude whose mind you can read, Sookie has dating exploits have been essentially awful. Even her hookups (while beyond steamy) have not been without a tinge of the ridiculous and embarrassing throwing up on Alcide, anyone? Hooking up with Eric while he was wearing basketball shorts? I mean, come on.

Season 6 Sookie seemed as over-it as any one person could be when it comes to dating supernatural entities. Something she was even more tired of? Being used unwittingly by others to meet their own personal gains. That’s part of why it was so refreshing when she started doing stuff lately like kicking Eric out of her house and calling Bill an asshole when he requested the use of her blood.

It was even refreshing (in its way) to watch her use her sexuality to lure Warlow into one heck of a honey-trap. That said, her sudden about face when it comes to Warlow and her destiny has us scratching our heads. If all it takes is some sweet nothings murmured by a faerie-vampire tied to a tree and one measly murder attempt to get her mount and ride Warlow after her all her protesting, is it all that unrealistic to assume that Sookie is one step closer to becoming a vampire?

She’s been very focused on her fate and destiny, and if Warlow has her convinced that this is hers then they better start fitting Anna Paquin with her prosthetic fangs.

Do you Sookie should become a faerie-vampire hybrid, or should she stay a faerie? Sound off below, Truebies!

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