The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Speculation: Will Elena Die?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Speculation: Will Elena Die?

The Vampire Diaries is known for its jaw-dropping twists, but after five seasons and counting of unpredictability, is there anything this show can do to surprise us anymore? When TVD destroyed the Other Side in the Season 5 finale, we couldn’t help but wonder whom the vampire drama might kill in Season 6 to make the point that death is now final stick. Could Elena (Nina Dobrev) be the unlucky character? Could this be how her story ends?

Yes, this show needs to make a change. When this show began, it was about a girl struggling to get past the death of her parents. Elena was the gateway character for the viewer. She was the one who knew as little as we did about the world of vampires and the Salvatores place in it. With her, we have learned about this world’s particular mythology and how Mystic Falls fits into it. Arguably, that narrative has run its course, and that is why it has struggled in recent seasons. If it wants to continue, it needs to tell a new story. One definitive way of ending one chapter and starting another? Elena’s death.

Now, this may seem a bit crazy, but let’s look at the facts: Nina Dobrev’s contract is over after six seasons, as is Ian Somerhalder’s and Paul Wesley’s. Will the core three choose to continue on the show, or will there be a major change? This could also tie in nicely with the season’s theme of Delena’s “journey back to each other.” We’ve always assumed that this meant Damon would eventually make it back to the land of the living from whatever reality he happens to be in, but what if their reunion is the other way around? What if Elena is reunited with Damon through her own death?

No, TVD would never kill one of the main three. On the other hand, Elena’s death could possibly cause rioting in the streets. We exaggerate, of course, but is this the ending we — and more relevantly, the writers — want to see for Elena Gilbert? Even if Elena’s death is the only way she can reunite with Damon, what kind of message would that send to young fans? Answer: Not a very healthy one. Furthermore, if there’s any chance Nina, Ian, and Paul would consider continuing on past the sixth season, then the network will take it, yes? ThoughTVD has dropped somewhat in the ratings, it is still no. 1 for The CW in key demos. Even if the writers wanted to take the show in a bold new direction without its central female character, we’d imagine they would meet with some considerable resistance from the network.

Do you think Elena might die in Season 6? How would you feel about that narrative development? Sound off in the comments below!

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