True Blood Season 6 Spoiler: 18 Hints From Comic-Con Trailer
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Spoiler: 18 Hints From Comic-Con Trailer

True Blood Season 6 only has four episodes left, and the stakes are higher than ever: The entire vampire race could be at risk thanks to the Governor's devious Hep V plan. With so much action going down, we're eager to know anything about what's coming up as the season heads to a close, so we've taken a close look at the epic Comic-Con trailer to see what it can reveal about the final four episodes.

Death ain't the end. "Death ain't the end anymore," we see Sookie saying. "Death is just a pitstop on a road that keeps on going." Based on her costuming and location, we're pretty sure that this is from the same scene as the one we see at :48, where she says, "I'd rather walk this world as a corpse than spend one more minute thinking about you." Who is she talking to?

Funeral. We see Sookie dressed in black at :06. She's in a graveyard, presumably for Terry's funeral, though really, who knows.

Jason with a gun. At :11 we see Jason (who appears to have a painful injury on his neck, which might be related to injuries we see him sustain later in the trailer) holding a gun.

Pam on the couch again. We see Pam on the therapist's couch again at :14, disparaging humans.

Attack at the Tru Blood truck? At :16 we see a vamp get her fangs out near what appears to be a Tru Blood delivery truck.

Pam is full on bloody. We see several vamps feeding, at then Pam vamping out, mouth covered in blood, at :18.

Jessica and the new guy? At :21 Jessica appears to be getting it on with the hot, nice vamp who refused to have sex with her against her will in Episode 6.

Sarah Newlin in power. Throughout the promo we see Sarah wielding what appears to be a lot of power, including a clip at :53 where she talks about how close their organization is to realizing the Governor's plan.

Vamps go crazy for blood. At :25 we see a group of captured vamps all dive to lick up some fallen blood. Where did it come from?

Steve Newlin in tears. It's a hilarious moment at :27.

Sam is back! At :28, we see Sookie embrace Sam.

Sarah Newlin, covered in blood. This trailer generally leaves the impression that all hell breaks out at Vamp Camp, which might explain Sarah walking up stairs, covered in blood, at :51. We also see her get violent herself at 1:29, so that could be where the blood is from, too.

Bill is still really into his prophecy. At 1:01, we see Bill lecturing someone we think is Eric: "One way or another, you are going to be in that room when the roof opens. Maybe we can stop it."

Speaking of that room... The prophecy seems close to coming true at 1:04, as most of our fave vamps are gathered in a deadly sun room.

Bill attacks Warlow? At 1:08 we see Bill grab Warlow by the neck. "You don't have to do this," Sookie tells him. "I have no choice!" Bill counters.

All hell breaking loose. As we said, the end of this trailer is a series of images from what looks like a big fight at Vamp camp. It starts with a guard yelling "Breach" at 1:13 and just keeps going, with images of vamps attacking all over the place.

Jason in trouble. One particular thing stands out: Jason seems to be surrounded by hostile vamps at 1:17. Fortunately, it looks like Tara comes to his aid ... but then he's shirtless and bloody at 1:31. The wounds don't look too deadly, but we're still worried...

What about Bill? The promo ends on an image of Bill, lying covered in blood on the floor of what looks like the sun chamber. Uh-oh...

Check it out yourself below.

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