True Blood Season 6 Spoiler: Will Eric Kill Pam?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Spoiler: Will Eric Kill Pam?

With a looming death coming up on True Blood, there’s been a dark cloud hanging on Season 6. Truebies have been waiting for the axe to fall on one of our beloved characters. On the most recent episode of True Blood (Season 6, Episode 5: “F*** the Pain Away”), Pam and Eric were about to fight to the death, prompting us to ask the inevitable: Will Eric kill Pam?

The couple everyone loves to hate –– Steve Newlin and Sarah Newlin –– put aside their mutual hate on last night’s episode and the result was onscreen magic. The pair, who were once married and on a mission to rid the world of vampires under the Fellowship of the Sun, reunited in a devious plot. They lured Governor Truman Burrell into a room at Vamp Camp and they were like parents on Christmas morning, awaiting the looks on their children’s faces when they open their presents.

What was behind door #1, you ask? Eric Northman! Ding, ding, ding! Governor Burrell’s juices were flowing at this point, as he knows Eric is the one who turned his sweet Willa into a vampire. That wasn’t all, though. What was behind door #2? His progeny –– none other than the acid-tongued Pam. It wasn’t quite the explosive reaction the Newlins were expecting, as these two have quite a history, and much of that involves mutual affection.

They teased us for next week, though, showing us that Pam does, indeed, get angry when she finds out Eric created another progeny. That had to have hurt, considering he released her not long ago. Does Eric retaliate and kill Pam? We highly doubt it. Because we think it is Pam who is going to die, though, the one scenario we can see is Pam falling on her sword –– er, stake –– for her maker.

What do you think, Truebies? Sound off in the comments!

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