Castle Season 6 Spoilers: When Will Castle and Beckett Get Married?
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Castle Season 6 Spoilers: When Will Castle and Beckett Get Married?

After five plus long years, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) are finally engaged to be married. Still, that doesn’t mean the golden couple won’t be faced with their fair share of obstacles. For starters, Beckett is currently kicking ass and taking names in D.C. while Castle trolls the streets of New York, a dynamic that seems to be sticking around at least for the first part of Season 6.

Castle creator Andrew Marlowe recently chatted with TVLine about Caskett’s future and he had some very insightful things to say, including if and when fans can expect a wedding and how this whole long-distance thing will work.

Talking specifically about the D.C./NY split, Andrew revealed, “Even during a time when folks are separated geographically, it’s still going to feel like the experience that they’ve always gotten. We’re not interested in changing the overall DNA of the show, which is, you know, Castle and Beckett and solving cases and having all the other folks that we know and love involved. But we are interested in throwing new obstacles, in growing the relationships. We are interested in seeing fresh faces come in to help illuminate our characters, move them along or give them something to push against.”

In the season premiere Castle and Beckett managed to make the long distance thing work, but does that mean these two lovebirds are destined for a walk down the aisle? Not necessarily, says Andrew.

When asked specifically about the upcoming wedding, Andrew kept in cryptic. “I’m ready to go on record in that Castle and Beckett are going to be talking about it and planning it and figuring out when it happens. But I think it’s a little too soon for me to say to the fans that it’s going to happen or it’s not.”

Do think a wedding between Castle and Beckett is imminent, or will they call off the engagement? Share your thoughts and theories below!

Source: TVLine