Castle Season 6 Spoilers: Is Beckett Coming Back to New York For Good?
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Castle Season 6 Spoilers: Is Beckett Coming Back to New York For Good?

On tonight’s episode of Castle, Season 6, Episode 3, “Need to Know,” Beckett (Stana Katic) and McCord (Lisa Edelstein) pay a visit to the 12th precinct when the murder of an ‘80s television star requires federal attention. While we’re super psyched to have Beckett back at her old stomping grounds, her visit home may not go as smoothly as she hoped since her involvement in the case as an FBI agent stirs up some competition with the men: Ryan (Seamus Dever), Esposito (Jon Huertas), and Castle (Nathan Fillion).

Still, we know that Castle is best when the titular character and his muse are actually together, but if Beckett really intends to stay in D.C., how many more times can they visit one another without it seeming forced?

Penny Johnson Jerald (Captain Gates) weighed the options during a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, saying, “If she doesn't [return to the precinct], let's just say there will be some long-term relationship that's going on and somehow the precinct has to get involved with whatever is going on in Washington.”

But even if Beckett does return to NYC on a permanent basis (we’re crossing our fingers!), Penny is quick to note that presents its own set of problems as well.

“If she does, [come back] we have to contend with what level does she return to? Will Castle return with her?”

Penny brings up a good point. Castle’s been a part of the 12th for such a long time now that we sort of forgot he was allowed to tag along under the condition that he was “shadowing” Beckett. But if she’s in D.C. for good, then what’s a mystery writer to do?

Do you think Beckett should stay in the nation’s capitol, or is it time for her to hightail it back to Manhattan ASAP? Weigh in below!

Castle, Season 6, Episode 3, “Need to Know” airs tonight, October 7, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter