True Blood Season 6: Deborah Ann Woll on Jessica’s Future and [SPOILER]’s Potential Return
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Deborah Ann Woll on Jessica’s Future and [SPOILER]’s Potential Return

Though True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll describes her character, Jessica, as a “wild child vampire,” in real life, she calls herself a true “nerd.” For Deborah, this has been the role of a lifetime, especially because of the ever-transitioning nature of Jessica. In fact, because Jessica is not in the books, the show is free to do with her whatever they want, which she loves.

Deborah also loves that Jessica is coming into her own this season. She’s always been under the thumb of either her parents, her maker, Bill Compton, or Hoyt, so she’s been forced to figure things out on her own. Of course, this is what led to her ravaging all the faeries on the last episode, which was a big “oops.” Even that, though, Deborah says is “exciting,” as actors are always looking for roles in which the character can make big mistakes, forcing them to change and grow.

As for what happens now that Bill and Jessica are left to pick up the pieces (literally), sadly, Deborah says there is a lot more heartache in store for the baby vamp. As the gorgeous redhead put it during her HuffPost Live chat, there’s “a lot more grief … a lot more dealing with the guilt and remorse.”  

When asked whether Hoyt might re-enter the picture, Deborah played it coy. Can’t you just picture Hoyt coming to the rescue of the heartbroken Jessica? We can. Deborah said, “It’s always an option” but then went on to say, “He’s thriving in Alaska.”

The best part of the interview was the free-association game during which Deborah had to name the word that came to mind when photos of her cast members were shown on screen. Here’s what she said:

Stephen Moyer: “Jolly”

Anna Paquin: “Sexy”

Alexander Skarsgard: “Tall”

Rutina Wesley: “Sweetheart”

Nelsan Ellis: “Sassy”

Joe Manganiello: “Firefighter”

Ryan Kwanten: “Talented”

When the interviewer mentioned that Deborah was pointedly nice about each and every one, the sweet-as-pie actress said, “I love these people.” She went on to say, “I feel very, very privileged to be a part of this crew.”

We love her even more after watching this interview! What are your thoughts on Jessica? Sound off below!

Source: HuffPost Live

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