Glee Season 6 Spoilers: Will We See McKinley Again?
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Glee Season 6 Spoilers: Will We See McKinley Again?

Just when we thought we’d left McKinley behind for good, Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy brings it back again. At least that’s what he seemed to be hinting at during a recent chat with TVLine and a select group of other outlets when he talked about the upcoming sixth and likely final season of the show.

We only permanently relocated to New York a few episodes ago when Blaine (Darren Criss), Sam (Chord Overstreet), Artie (Kevin McHale), and Mercedes (Amber Riley) — and at least for now — joined Rachel (Lea Michele), Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Santana (Naya Rivera) in the Big Apple, but Ryan has already warned that Season 6 will have its “own location” so it sounds like we shouldn’t get too attached to the city that never sleeps.

However, even though we’re headed to a new place, that doesn’t mean all of the locales for Season 6 will be unfamiliar. When asked if we’ll see McKinley again, Ryan revealed, “You might see it again in some very nostalgic way, yes, but I don’t want to talk about the location [of Season 6] just yet.”

He may be reluctant to reveal any specifics about the setting of Season 6, but it certainly sounds like we haven’t seen the last of McKinley just yet. Ryan also divulged that there would be some resolution to the newbies’ storylines and he said the last scene of the series would be between Rachel and Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison). We can’t confirm anything this early in the game, of course, but McKinley certainly seems like the ideal place to get some resolution and say farewell to Rachel and Mr. Schue once and for all.

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Source: TVLine