The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers: No More Doppelganger Drama!
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers: No More Doppelganger Drama!

The Vampire Diaries choice to delve deeper into doppelganger mythology in Season 5 was arguably a misguided one — or at least resulted in an ineffectual exploration. Will we be seeing more doppelganger drama in Season 6? Executive producer Julie Plec talked to TVLine about the possibility. What did she have to say?

“No! No doppelgangers,” Julie said regarding the possibility of seeing Bonnie and Damon’s doppelgangers in Season 6. “That was some Season 5 fun we got to have, but with Katherine and Silas gone, I think we’re done with that.”

Hallelujah! We’re eager to see TVD go in some fresher directions in Season 6, and we think they are well-positioned to do so. Season 5 ended with Bonnie and Damon going off into a white-lighted oblivion (or something), with the others living on without their loved ones and unable to return to their home. This feels like much more of a re-set than the transition from high school to college was between Season 5 and Season 6. We’re digging this seemingly uncrossable divide between Bonnie and Damon and the rest of the gang. Watching the story of how these characters find their way back to one another sounds both heartbreaking and delightful. (Yeah, we have complicated feels about these things.)

The storyline that has the most potential for exploring new TVD territory (and also the most potential for completing failing in its strangeness) is Damon and Bonnie’s arc come Season 6. Julie teased: “Certainly, we will see Ian [Somerhalder] and Kat [Graham] again, but where and in what context? That’s part of the mystery of Season 6.” We’re pulling for their own storyline from whatever realm they ended up in, not only because it could be a cool departure for TVD to tell a story from such a wildly different perspective, but because we’ve never seen these two thrown together for such a potentially long-term storyline. We’re eager to see how these frenemies do or don’t find ways to work together and, perhaps, find common ground.

Are you excited to hear that there will be no more doppelganger drama in Season 6? What do you want Season 6 to look like? Share your hopes and dreams in the comments below!

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