Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Spoilers Roundup — Everything We Know So Far
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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Spoilers Roundup — Everything We Know So Far

We’ve known for a while that Pretty Little Liars would have a Season 6 (and 7!), but we’re only just starting to get information about what the upcoming season of PLL will look like. Which is good, because after the craziness that was the Season 5 finale, we’re dying for any and all clues that will help us get through this hiatus. Here is everything we know so far about Season 6.

Season 6 will pick up “moments later.” Don’t worry, guys. We’re not going to miss any of the Liars’ action-packed escape (or not) from “A”’s dollhouse. PLL executive producer Joseph Dougherty told Wetpaint Entertainment that Season 6 would pick up “moments later,” implying that we’ll still be with the Liars as they deal with the discovery that they are trapped in the middle of nowhere inside of an electric fence.

Jason DiLaurentis will play an integral role. If it wasn’t obvious from that home video of what appeared to be the DiLaurentis twins, Jason will be playing an important role in Season 6. Marlene tweeted: “Yes, Jason will be a big part of the next few episodes.”

The Season 6 premiere is one of the most exciting yet. It sounds like the season-opener is full of action. PLL writer Lijah Barasz tweeted about the ep: “If the # of safety meetings are any indication, #PLL ep. 601 is gonna be a very exciting episode. @ArthurAAnderson @imarleneking @ichadlowe.” Yikes!

The Season 6 premiere will include some seriously scary stuff. Chad Lowe (aka Byron Montgomery) will be directing the season premiere, and had this little nugget to share with the Twitterverse: “Shooting, possibly, one of my favorite sequences for #PLL. Scary stuff…” If that didn’t convince you, then check out these creepy behind-the-scenes snapshots from the ep. And try not to think about this news that the gas mask Charles gave Mona in the Season 5 finale will come back into play.

Season 6, Episode 1 is titled: “Game On, Charles.” Marlene confirmed this with a tweet last week. She also teased that an episode later in the season would be called: “Game Over, Charles.” This does not bode well for Charles DiLaurentis.

A Season 6 premiere dialogue tease. Marlene took to Twitter last month to share this line of dialogue from the Season 6, Episode 1 script: “It feels like somebody's ripping my brain out through my eye sockets." Just in case you weren’t already getting enough of a creepy/scary vibe from this episode…

The titles of Episodes 2 and 3 are… “Songs of Innocence” and “Songs of Experience,” respectfully. They are based off of an illustrated collection of William Blake’s poetry. We’re already very excited about the thematic transition the titles imply.

Season 6, Episode 2 is “uber emotional.” Whatever is going down in the second episode of the season, it may make us cry. Marlene tweeted earlier this week: “Incredible table read for 602 2day. @Kockenlocker knocked it out of the park. Uber emotional! And yes I know u hate exclamation marks Joe!”

We will get answers, answers, answers. PLL showrunner promised via this Instagram photo that Season 6 will be full of answers: “It begins. Ten episodes of non stop gut wrenching effing crazy drama romance mystery a few laughs and answers and answer and answers and answers....”

The answer process will be thorough. If you’re worried that all of these answers will be thin, Joseph Dougherty is here to promise otherwise. He told The Hollywood Reporter: “[Marlene's] desire right now is to not run the concept of ‘A’ all the way to the end of the series. She thinks, if we do something like that, it will be kind of a thin soup. She wants to make sure the questions are answered in a very effective way, and as usually the case with questions when they're answered, they produce new questions. We feel that we've got to satisfy our rather loyal fanbase, and hopefully we can do that and then have them want a little bit more. There are mysteries inside of mysteries, but we want to make sure everybody's satisfied at the end of the day, including ourselves. It isn't going to be Gilligan's Island — we won't leave them on the island.”

There will be lots of parents in Episodes 2 and 3. Joseph Dougherty confirmed that the often-absent Rosewood parentals will be back in full force in the second and third episodes of the season, saying: "It's so hard, because we have so much story, and so many characters, but yes, at this point I have a lot of parents in the two [episodes] that I'm writing, which are the second and third episodes [of Season 6]." Nia Peeples (Pam Fields) confirmed that she will be one of those parents.

There will be a time jump. We’re not sure at what point PLL will fast forward in the Liars’ timelines, but — at some point in Season 6 — PLL will have a four-year time jump. This will skip the Liars’ respective college experiences. We’re very excited about it.

One of the Liars will get married. You heard us right! Following the time jump, one of the Liars will tie the knot (if they haven’t already). Join in our speculation on who it might be...

We will see Paige in Season 6. Though we’re not sure when Emily’s lady love will be making an appearance in Rosewood, we know that she will be in the upcoming season. Marlene King told Zap2it that fans "will see Paige" in Season 6, adding: "I don't want to give away the story — she's not in the first couple episodes, I'll say."

What are you most looking forward to about Season 6? Sound off in the comments below!

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