True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Sarah Newlin’s Return Gets Bloody!
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Sarah Newlin’s Return Gets Bloody!

One of our fave True Blood characters – the cunning yet beautiful Sarah Newlin – made her grand return this past Sunday, and her outfit spoke volumes about what her character is all about this season. She obviously enjoyed the bajeezuz out of her long-awaited reunion with her now-vampire ex-husband, Reverend Steve Newlin, as he was bound to a chair and had been crying tears of blood. Sarah was looking fierce in a skin-tight red dress, cinched black belt, sky-high hair, and uber spiky heels.

This season of True Blood has already shown that it’s going to be a physical one, so it’s not surprising asked Anna Camp, the actress who plays Sarah, whether those heels might be used as a weapon later on in the show.

“Ding ding ding! They could be!” the pretty actress revealed. “A high heel can have a very meaningful job in a certain scene. [Giggles.] It's very Sarah Newlin. She may not be good with stakes or guns, but she knows how to work a high heel.”

After watching that scene in Season 6, Episode 3 (“You’re No Good”), we don’t think we’d mess with her. As for what she’ll do with the heel, she teases us just a bit by saying, “This is the first season where you get to see Sarah Newlin in a room with a vampire, and how she is confronted with everything she abhors, and how she reacts is pretty great. Sarah's a badass. She's more of a badass this season than I even expected her to be.”

In the same interview, the petite blonde revealed she’d been sent to the ER with a minor concussion by doing one of her own stunts on the show, so this is no shrinking violet.

What did you think of Sarah’s return to the show, Truebies? Are you excited to see her get a little roughed up this season? Sound off in the comments!


Catch the next episode of True Blood on Sunday, July 7 at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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