Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers: Steven R. McQueen Says “Get Excited”
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers: Steven R. McQueen Says “Get Excited”

Sometimes, it can feel like the summer hiatus between seasons of The Vampire Diaries is interminable, then we get a tweet like this recent one from Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert), and it seems a little bit closer. Why does the actor think we should be getting excited about Season 6 of TVD? Read on to find out!

“Just read the first two scripts of season 6. TVD fans… be excited,” Steven tweeted yesterday, fanning the flames of our anticipation, not only with Steven’s sentiment of approval but with the knowledge that theTVD gang will soon be filming again soon. If the cast is starting to get their scripts, then it won’t be long before they’re back on set and we get more clues about what we can expect in the upcoming season.

We’re especially eager for hints about Season 6 because it’s arguably the biggest reset the show has ever done, with Elena’s transition from human to vampire in Season 4 perhaps giving it a run for its money. But with Damon and Bonnie seemingly gone and a substantial time jump to account for, we’re not sure what to expect from the upcoming season. What state will we find our heroes in — both the ones mourning the unexpected loss of their loved ones and Bonnie and Damon, who are not dead, but not with their friends and family either. What was that white light that ensconced them in the Season 5 finale? Never mind. This hiatus feels interminable again. Is it October 2 yet?

What are you hoping for in the sixth season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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