Glee Season 6 Spoilers: “Surprises” in Store For Choir Directors of The Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline
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Glee Season 6 Spoilers: “Surprises” in Store For Choir Directors of The Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline

Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Glee Season 6 will bring us back to McKinley High, and even though the glee club was disbanded at the end of Season 5, a new interview with Jane Lynch (Sue) suggests that the New Directions could be poised for an amazing comeback.

“I think she’s back as principal, as far as I know,” Jane told Entertainment Weekly about her character’s plans in the final season. She also hinted that some old New Direction’s rivals will return. “I think we’re going to have some surprises about who’s going to be the choir director of The Warblers and who will be the choir director of Vocal Adrenaline. I think it’ll be a big surprise.”

If The Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline are back in the picture, then we can only hope that New Directions will be resurrected. But back to what Jane said about the choir directors: Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) seems like an obvious choice to lead Vocal Adrenaline, but we’re struggling to figure out who could take over The Warblers.

Rachel (Lea Michele) is presumably headed to Los Angeles in Season 6 to work on her television pilot, but with so much of the action apparently set in McKinley, we’d be be surprised if she didn’t return home, at least for a bit. If that’s the case, then it would be interesting to see Ms. Berry lead the club that meant so much to her, which would once again pit her against Vocal Adrenaline and The Warblers.

McKinley aside, Jane dished that she hopes cold hearted Sue finds love in Season 6. “I hope Mario comes back, of course. That’s Chris Parnell, who played my love interest in New York,” she explained. “But we’ll have to see if he comes back and if that softens Sue’s heart at all.”

Now that she’s got five seasons of Glee under her belt, Jane has been able to pick out several of her favorite Sue moments. “I love when I got to tear offices apart. I got to do this whole kind of Wagnerian destruction of the gym, of the boys’ locker room. I was just throwing stuff. That was my favorite thing. They’d kind of slow it down, make it in slow motion. There’d be ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ in the background — that was fun,” she said. “I also had some really great one-liners — some great, insulting one-liners — my favorite being, ‘Loving musical theater doesn’t make you gay; it just makes you awful.’”

Sue’s one-liners are pretty legendary, and we’ll miss them once the series ends next year, but we’re psyched to see what Season 6 brings — especially now that we know Vocal Adrenaline and The Warblers are back in the picture!

Glee Season 6 is expected to debut in 2015.

Source: Entertainment Weekly