True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Warlow’s Origin Story Coming in Episode 5
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True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Warlow’s Origin Story Coming in Episode 5

On last week’s episode of True Blood, we finally found out who the elusive Warlow is, and of course it came with a twist. Not only had we already met him, but he was Sookie’s love interest, Ben — and she revealed the intel while they were half-naked and making out!

Though loyal Truebies saw the “twist” coming from a mile away, there is still a lot to find out about Warlow, and thankfully, some of that intel will come this Sunday in Episode 5. “This week, you’ll learn a whole lot more about exactly how the rare fairy vampire came into existence,” TVLine’s Michael Ausiello revealed. “Plus, it will make a bit more sense why Sookie waited until after she and her latest suitor were half naked before revealing that she knew his true identity.”

Interestingly enough, the episode is entitled “F*ck the Pain Away,” so we’ll likely get to see a lot more skin, too (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Rob Kazinsky, the actor who plays Ben/Warlow, explained a bit more about the complex character in a recent interview with TV Guide, saying, “Warlow is very much a character of grey. He is ruled by his conscience. He means well and has a good heart, but when you take the most powerful vampire that you've ever met and combine him with something loathed, you end up with a very dangerous, self-hating monster.”

According to Rob, the explanation of Warlow will be very intertwined with the story of Niall, so we’ll apparently be getting more of Rutger Hauer, whom we adore.

Are you as intrigued as we are about this Warlow storyline? Sound off below!

Source: TVLine

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