True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Are Warlow’s Feelings For Sookie Genuine?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Are Warlow’s Feelings For Sookie Genuine?

On Sunday’s episode of True Blood (Season 6, Episode 6: “Don’t You Feel Me”), Sookie Stackhouse finally gave into Warlow and got it on with him in faerie land. In fact, she even untied the faerie-vampire hybrid, let him feed from her, and then drank his blood. What. Is. Happening?!

We’re nervous about this new development. Not only does this show that Sookie is interested in Benlow, but that she trusts him enough not to kill her or hurt her in any way. According to his portrayer, Rob Kazinsky, she’s right to entrust him, though — he’s genuinely in love with her, and she was worth the wait.

"He's been waiting six thousand years for her,” Rob told Zap2it at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. “For that reason, it didn't matter whether she was as attractive as she ended up being or not. He didn't know she was going to be a babe. He knew that she was going to be a fairy and a princess and that's all that really mattered to him, because he killed his entire tribe and she is the last of his line."

Basically, Sookie is all he has in the world, so he can’t afford to kill her. Plus, he’s a faerie and a vampire, so her blood isn’t necessarily what she’s after. And now that he’s not looking like a horrifying creature — remember when he appeared in her bathroom last season in creepy shadow form? — it definitely makes things easier for the potential couple. Rob is glad to not have to go back to those (literally) dark days.

"I was in the full makeup, the claws, the goo. It was horrible — really, really horrible — to be in," he told Zap2it. "I kind of wish we'd had more of that because it was such a cool image. The imagery of Warlow with the hat and the giant coat, that was kind of intimidating."

Do you think Warlow really loves Sookie, or is this some elaborate scheme to kill her? Sound off below, Truebies!

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Source: Zap2it