Castle Season 6 Spoilers: More Wedding Details Revealed!
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Castle Season 6 Spoilers: More Wedding Details Revealed!

Now that — spoiler alert! — Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) are both back in NYC after the ace detective was fired from the FBI, fans have been clamoring for any and every wedding tidbit they can get, because surely being in the same city means this beloved duo will be headed to the altar sooner rather than later, right?

Not exactly. Molly Quinn (Alexis Castle) has already told us about the possibility that her character could sabotage the nuptials, a sentiment she recently echoed to E! News. “I cannot say, but my gut feeling would be that it is going to be prolonged, even maybe broken at some point, and brought back together. There are a lot of things that could happen.”

Even Stana agrees, noting that the wedding will likely not occur as soon as fans would like because the characters still have plenty to work through before taking a trip down the aisle. “I don't know if the wedding needs to happen in the next few months or not," she tells TV Guide. "It's not as much of a push for me because they're together and they're a solid couple. ... There's so much juice to be mined from the complications of getting a wedding together, especially when you have characters like Martha or Lanie or Captain Gates on the outskirts. I think that that will make for a really fun wedding-planning scenario."

We agree with Stana that Castle and Beckett likely have some work to do before actually getting married, but even if the duo isn’t in a rush to tie the knot, viewers will still get a chance to see what family life would be like for the couple thanks to an upcoming episode that finds them caring for a murder victim’s orphaned baby.

Are you fine with waiting even longer for Castle and Beckett to get married, or do you think these crazy kids should just hurry up and get hitched already? Tell us all of your thoughts and feelings below!

Castle airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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