Castle Season 6: Stana Katic Sounds Off on Beckett’s “Crushing” Twist
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Castle Season 6: Stana Katic Sounds Off on Beckett’s “Crushing” Twist

Warning: If you haven’t seen Castle Season 6, Episode 3: “Need to Know”, stop reading now!

On Castle Season 6, Episode 3: “Need to Know” Beckett’s (Stana Katic) FBI dreams came to an end when the agency fired her after she made an anonymous tip to the press, revealing the identity of a Russian mobster’s niece whom the CIA was forcing to spy on her own family. Though Beckett believed she was doing the “right” thing (god that gal is moral!) this risky move ultimately cost her the high-profile gig she’d worked so hard for.

Stana chatted with TV Guide about what this devastating blow means for her character, and how she can slowly start to pick up the pieces.

Calling the FBI gig her character’s “dream job”, Stana noted that getting fired doesn’t sit well with the driven detective.“It's a shock. I think it's crushing,” she began. ”I think that she thought that by doing the right thing, she was doing the right thing for that job and for that world as well. But she was obviously chastised for it [and] got in trouble for it.”

And while losing this job means Beckett’s free to go back to the Big Apple and be with Castle (Nathan Fillion) don’t think that she can just stroll back into the 12th precinct and get her old job back.

Stana points out that Beckett’s sole purpose is to help people, something that will be very difficult now that she’s out of a job. Speaking about her on-screen counterpart, Stana reveals, “She is going to be a fish out of water because she won't have that purpose after she loses this job. She's not able to go back to the NYPD. And so, she's kind of floating around for a little bit.”

As you may remember, Beckett has already been replaced by a “slob”, Detective Sully, which only further complicates her return to New York.

“That's always disconcerting when you go back home and someone's taken your room and it's in massive disarray,” Stana begins. “But what's lovely is that this character... comes in really bright-eyed about the whole thing. He's so appreciative of the space that he's filling that Beckett is rather generous in letting him own it and letting that be his space now.”

Do you think Beckett will find a new space for herself at the 12th precinct, or has she outgrown the NYPD for good? Vote below!

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: TV Guide

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