Glee Season 6: These Three Stars Are “Absolutely” Coming Back, Says Ryan Murphy
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Glee Season 6: These Three Stars Are “Absolutely” Coming Back, Says Ryan Murphy

Glee is set to end its run once and for all after its sixth season, which is expected to debut in 2015, and it sounds like the show’s co-creator, Ryan Murphy, is planning to go out with a bang. Ryan previously revealed Season 6 would be set in an entirely new location, which many are speculating is Los Angeles since Rachel (Lea Michele) headed out there in the Season 5 finale to shoot her television pilot. Ryan also left the door open for any and all past cast members to return, should they wish to do so.

According to Ryan, we can expect to see Rachel’s dads in Season 6 and he’d “love” some more April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) as well, but what about some of the show’s peripheral characters, not just guest stars? During that Twitter Q&A last month, which is the gift that keeps on giving, one curious fan wanted to know if “Jayma, Dianna, Dot etc.” would be back for Season 6, even if it was only for “an episode or two.”

Ryan was quick to reply, and his response will likely thrill many Glee fans. “Absolutely,” he wrote back. Mr. Murphy clearly has some big plans, and while we’re still frustrated that we won’t be getting any Glee until 2015, we’re holding out hope that this lengthened hiatus means the Powers That Be are planning a truly spectacular final season.

Since it’s looking like Season 6 will (at least partially) be set in L.A., we’re guessing that Emma (Jayma Mays), Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron), and Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) will pop in and out, much like they have in the past.

And speaking of Emma, Ryan also confirmed that we will be meeting her and Will’s (Matthew Morrison) son — Daniel Finn Schuester — in Season 6 as well. It’s a family reunion!

Are you psyched about seeing all of these familiar faces in Season 6, or are you still bummed that it’s so far away? Vote below!

Glee Season 6 is expected to debut in 2015.