True Blood Season 6: Top 5 Snarks from Episode 2 — Lafayette Wins!
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Top 5 Snarks from Episode 2 — Lafayette Wins!

One of our favorite things about True Blood is the delicious snarky comments that pervade the show. In-between some character revelations about Warlow and Sookie and Jason’s “fairy godfather” Niall, and learning more about Willa Burrell and Nicole Wright, True Blood’s second episode of the season had a few really good snarks we thought were just too much fun! Here are the standouts from Season 6, episode 2, “The Sun.”

Tastes like chicken ... ?

Eric to Pam: I'm not scared of humans.
Pam to Eric: I have never been either, but that was before I saw Tara bakin' like a goddamn rotisserie.

Wait. What?

L.A. hipster girl: Is your produce organic?
Arlene: Sugar, this is Bon Temps. Down here organic means you play the fancy piano at church.

Ballsy move!

Lafayette to Alcide, Danielle, and Martha: Y'all better fucking mind your own mange-y ass business.


Nora to Pam: I am so, so sorry that your little bar was robbed and that you're scared. But Eric and I have to deal with the small matter of killing a vampire GOD.

Best nickname ever.

Arlene to Sookie: Sookie Stackhouse, I don't know who you think you are, but the last time I checked, you were still a waitress at a little diner called Merlotte's. And it says here, you have a shift. And in case you've forgotten, that means you serve people food and they give you money.
Sookie to Arlene: I'm sorry, Arlene. I had a rough night.
Arlene to Sookie: Well guess what, Missy Hangover — that ain't my G.D. problem!

What was your favorite True Blood Season 6 snark from Episode 2?

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