True Blood Season 6: Who Is the Most Unnecessary New Character?
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True Blood Season 6: Who Is the Most Unnecessary New Character?

True Blood Season 6 has been filled with so many new faces that it’s hard to keep up. We’ve evaluated who was the best addition, but let’s be real: at least one person was unnecessary to the plot.

In fact, some characters died or were banished before they could even make an impact in Bon Temps. Sorry, faerie sisters, but you grew up so fast and then died so suddenly that we couldn’t even tell you apart. And though we would have loved to see Niall stick around, once we knew who Warlow was, the Stackhouse’s faerie Godfather didn’t have much of a purpose.

As for the more “major” roles? Willa was prominent for a few episodes, then didn’t matter as much once Eric wasn’t directly interacting with her. Her father, Governor Burrell, was an interesting villain, but his death didn’t impact us profoundly. There were plenty of vampires at Vamp Camp, but the only two we got to know were Violet (Jason’s, uh, captor?) and James (Jessica’s new boy toy). They both have assisted in episodes, but were they necessary?

Of course, we can’t forget (or can we?) about Nicole, Sam’s knocked-up girlfriend. Aside from the fact that he moved on so fast from his dead girlfriend Luna, Nicole and her band of supe-obsessed friends only existed to anger the werewolves. There were a few new werewolves, too, but honestly, we can only partially remember the one who had a threesome with Alcide and his then-girlfriend Rikki.

We have a few ideas about unnecessary new characters, but we’re going to hand it over to you to make the final decision, Truebies! Vote for your least favorite in the poll below, then hit the comments with all of your Season 6 feelings.

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I love all the new characters!

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