The Voice Season 6: Who Is Cali Tucker?
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The Voice Season 6: Who Is Cali Tucker?

Everyone knows that it’s not a great sign when a singer gets thrown into a montage on The Voice instead of being given serious screen time for their blind auditions. We have to say, though, of all the singers featured as part of the compilation on last night’s episode, we’re most intrigued by Cali Tucker… and not just because she’s the niece of country music legend Tanya Tucker.

Not surprisingly, the pretty blond singer got Blake Shelton to swivel, but what was interesting was her reaction when he asked her if she was related to Tanya. She got rather self-conscious and didn’t seem to want to focus on that. Her NBC bio even points out her desire to “step out of her aunt’s shadow and into the spotlight.”

What’s interesting is one might think that doors would be automatically opened for the 28-year-old singer due to being music royalty, but Cali recently told Nashville Sports & Entertainment that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although she did grow up around music, having been pulled up on stage to make appearances with her famous aunt on Hee Haw and other shows, Cali still needs to work hard.

“It is a lot more difficult now,” the singer –– who has performed at the Grand Ole Opry with Tanya –– explains. “People always ask why don’t you just get your family to help you, but it doesn’t just work like that. They have helped me all they can and gotten me in front of a lot of people, but also it has taken me some time to really hone my craft and figure out what style of music I want to do.”

The Voice Season 6: Who Is Cali Tucker?
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And, while Blake may be a tad disappointed to discover this, Cali isn’t all that interested in going the country music route like Tanya and her mother, LaCosta.

“I’ve been pigeonholed to do country music of course, but that is not really where my love and my artistry are. It’s really more into a bluesy rock combination. I want people to know I’m not riding the coattails of anyone in my family,” she says.

In fact, she’s only recently given up singing and working in various bars around Nashville so she could pursue music full time.

She calls The Voice “the biggest break” she’s gotten, going on to say the show “is a great opportunity for me to showcase myself and show people who I am. Hopefully they like me and will continue to follow me and my progress.”

She’ll need a lot more screen time so we can do that! And one more thing we hope for is a better song selection. Cali chose to perform “Black Velvet” during her blind audition, which many would agree is a completely overdone song in these kinds of competitions.

What do you think of Cali’s chances on The Voice? Weigh in below!

Sources: NBC, Nashville Sports & Entertainment

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