Vampire Diaries Season 6: Will Klaroline Happen?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 6: Will Klaroline Happen?

The Vampire DiariesCaroline Forbes (Candice Accola) and The OriginalsKlaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) may be on different shows, but that hasn’t done much to quell their fandom following. Is there any hope that Klaroline will ever get together? Executive producer Julie Plec talked to E! Online on the subject!

We have faith in Julie’s ability to deliver a satisfying conclusion — or, better yet, next chapter — in the Klaroline relationship. Though the executive producer gets a lot of flack for some of her storytelling decisions, we think she loves and respects these characters as much (if not more) than the fans do. She has spoken before about the responsibility of being a creator in doing what is right for the story over what is popular with the fans. Last year, in response to a fan petition asking her to bring the Kol Mikaelson character back, Julie articulately wrote: “Storytelling is not a democracy and it never will be. I love and admire the passion of the Kol fan base, but no petition, or trending topic, or ongoing twitter assault on my mentions is going to make us do something we don't believe is right or necessary for the show right now.” And, it’s worth noting, Kol has been spotted (albeit, looking quite corpsely) in the Season 2 trailer for The Originals.

In listening to Julie’s recent description of Klaroline’s first real scene together in relation to the possible Bamon chemistry in Season 6 of TVD, it’s obvious she is deeply passionate about this show both as a fan and a creator: “There could be instant chemistry [between Bamon] that we all sit back and watch like we did, frankly, with Klaus and Caroline, with that very first scene. There was never any plan to have romance but he cures her on her freaking birthday and all of a sudden, the world is melting…” Melting world, people.

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