True Blood Season 6: Is Willa the New Sookie?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Is Willa the New Sookie?

We know True Blood newcomer Willa Burrell doesn’t share Sookie Stackhouse’s faerie princess lineage or sassy personality, but the governors daughter does seem to have a similar attraction to vampires. She certainly doesn’t seem all that terrified of being taken from her home by Eric Northman.

Diehard Truebies are hoping Eric and Sookie get back together in Season 6, but it’s not totally improbable that Willa and Eric will end up in bed, whether it’s to enrage Daddy Truman or to satiate the lustful Viking’s sexual appetite. So is Willa the new Sookie? Let’s look at what we know about her so far and compare.

Starting out innocent

Willa’s sheltered life thus far seems to have protected her from being exposed to both the supernatural elements in and around Louisiana, and typical social activities with other people her age. It’s probable that Willa’s a virgin, just like Sookie was before she met Bill Compton.

Her virtue is further hinted at in the scene where Eric glamours his way into her bedroom. Willa is wearing a silky white nightgown adorned with lace and a shiny gold cross necklace, and even glamoured, she expresses a mix of fear and breathless anticipation as Eric slides his hand up her thigh.

True Blood Season 6: Is Willa the New Sookie?
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Attracted to danger

While relating the story of how her mother left her father for a vampire who runs a bar in L.A., little Miss Burrell’s breathing got heavier — perhaps because she was imagining herself running off somewhere with Eric to escape her oppressive daddy?

And when Eric asks if she’s open-minded like her mommy, she not only says, “I do like vampires… very much” to him, but also reaches out to caress his face and take some of his blood so she can taste it. The whole thing reminds us of how Sookie fell for Bill, even before she knew she could trust him.

A planned seduction

Willa’s adoration of Eric seems to be growing stronger every minute she’s held captive by him. She’s shared secrets about her dad’s organization with him freely, and hinted that she wouldn’t put up much of a fight if he seduced her. Could she have taken out her contacts on purpose, hoping he’d show up at her window later and whisk her away?

Even though Willa’s seduction techniques are a little clumsy, it’s clear she’s developing a crush on the icy cool vampire, and it’s only a matter of time before she offers herself up to him — glamoured or not. If her face as he licked his own blood from her finger was any indication, she’s a goner in his presence. Maybe we’ll find out if Eric and Pam ever track down where Tara took Willa …

Is Willa destined to take Sookie’s place as a new object of affection for the fanged residents of Bon Temps, or will she end up drained and dying in her father’s arms? Sound off in the comments!

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