Castle Season 6: Would Castle and Beckett Ever Move to D.C.?
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Castle Season 6: Would Castle and Beckett Ever Move to D.C.?

Castle and Beckett have been a fixture on the New York crime-fighting scene for years now, but is it possible that the duo could relocate to Washington, D.C. in light of Beckett’s recent job offer and Castle’s life-altering question?

As we’re sure you know by now, Season 5 ended with Castle proposing to Beckett at the couple’s special swing set. The proposal caught Beckett by surprise (and we’re still not positive whether she was headed to the swings to break up with Castle or tell him she wanted to be together), so now that he’s asked for her hand in marriage is a move to the nation’s capital in the cards?

If Beckett were to accept Castle’s proposal (though we’re still skeptical about that as well), he’s already made it clear that he’ll follow Beckett wherever she goes — including D.C. Yet even though the possibility of D.C. is looming, we have our doubts that Beckett will actually go through with the move.

In the scene right before the proposal, Beckett spoke eloquently about her job and the 12th precinct, even referring to it as her home more than once. Plus, we doubt Andrew Marlowe would change locales on us now — what about Lanie, Ryan, Esposito, etc.?

On the other hand, if anyone could handle a move this late in the game, it’s Mr. Marlowe. In addition, a change of locale could be just what Castle needs to revitalize itself for Season 6.

Do you think Caskett would ever relocate to D.C.? Share your thoughts below!

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