True Blood Season 6: Would You Still Watch If Sookie Died?
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True Blood Season 6: Would You Still Watch If Sookie Died?

There’s been a lot of speculation about which main character would be killed off in Season 6 of True Blood since showrunner Brian Buckner leaked the shocking news. And in episode 5, “F**k the Pain Away”, it looked like maybe, just maybe, Sookie might bite the dust at the hands of her father who’s possessed poor, spiritually-abused Lafayette.

We’re not saying it will happen for sure, but with Ben locked up courtesy of Billith, you never know! So here’s the important question, Truebies: since Sookie is the heart of the show, would you still watch if she were no longer a part of it?

Faeries, Smaeries

It’s true that the Benlow situation has revitalized our interest in the whole faerie storyline, but we think that’s only because of vampire Goddess Lillith’s part in his creation. The faery storyline by and large has been pretty much of a yawn, especially in regards to Sookie’s limited powers. And we’re not sure how we feel about her being a “Faery Princess” … that honestly seems even lamer than the revelation that she was part-faery in the first place. We wouldn’t miss that part of her, for sure.

Could anyone take her place?

Awhile back, we speculated that Willa Burrell might be the new Sookie, but we were a little off base, given that Eric made her a vamp almost immediately. With the human population of Bon Temps dwindling, we’re not sure there’s a plucky blonde who could fill Sookie’s shoes … unless they bring in yet another new character. Maybe it would be best to just let her role as the common denominator that ties all the True Blood stories together die with her.

One last Stackhouse

If Sookie did leave, that means Jason would be the very last Stackhouse alive, unless we’re counting on Grandpa Niall coming back from the alternate dimension Ben banished him to. We’re not sure Jason’s fragile brain could survive losing his sister on top of everyone else the poor kid has lost, even if he finds solace in Jessica’s arms. Plus, leaving the Stackhouse family legacy to Jason’s genes seems like trouble.

Supernatural domination

If Sookie was no longer around, True Blood’s focus would land on the vampires and werewolves of the town, given that the Bellefleurs would be the only humans left without any kind of supernatural powers, and their storyline seems to have sidelined. Hmm. A whole show built around just the supes? As long as that includes a lot of screen time for both Eric and Alcide, we might be able to get behind that.

What do you think? Would you watch a True Blood without Sookie Stackhouse? Or do you want to see her stick around? Let us know how you feel!

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