True Blood Season 6’s Top 6 WTF Moments From Episode 1: “Who Are You, Really?”
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO ©2013 Home Box Office    

True Blood

True Blood Season 6’s Top 6 WTF Moments From Episode 1: “Who Are You, Really?”

No episode of True Blood is complete without a handful of shocking moments, and the Season 6 premiere episode had us yelling at our TV screens more than few times.

From Billith’s rise to Andy’s (Chris Bauer) fast-growing fairy spawn to Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) inhospitable treatment of Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), check out the scenes from True Blood’s Season 6 premiere that made us say “WTF”?

1. Luna Dies Less Than Five Minutes Into the Episode

We breathed a sigh of relief when Sam (Sam Trammell) made it out of The Authority alive with Emma and Luna (Janina Gavankar) by his side. But before any of them can high-tail it out of the danger zone, Luna succumbs to some serious injuries sustained during their escape, most likely from her draining shift into Steve Newlin. While Luna’s death is pretty set in stone, Janina revealed she’ll be featured in a later episode of Season 6.

2. Bill Survives a Staking

Apparently, drinking the blood of Lilith turns you into one hard-to-kill vamp! Sookie literally stabs Bill (Stephen Moyer) in the back when he retaliates against a sneak attack by Eric and Nora (Lucy Griffiths). Instead of turning into fanger soup, Bill pulls the wooden stake out of his chest like an annoying splinter. If this is any indication of the powers he’s absorbed from Lilith’s blood, we’re definitely in store for a few more surprises.

3. Sookie Uninvites Eric

Sookie has a strange way of showing her appreciation for things. Eric decides to give Sookie’s house back to her, even signing a contract in his own blood. In return, Sookie rescinds his invitation to her home, leaving Eric out in the cold (or balmy warmth, since we are in Louisiana). We get that Sookie just wants to have a normal life again, but that was a bit harsh. And who is homegirl fooling? Her life will never be ordinary so long as she sticks around Bon Temps.

True Blood Season 6’s Top 6 WTF Moments From Episode 1: “Who Are You, Really?”
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO ©2013 Home Box Office    

4. Bill Mindfreaks Jessica

In addition to being impervious to wooden stakes, Bill can also use his mind to stop objects in mid-air. He pulls a Criss Angel when Jessica’s glass of Tru Blood misses the nightstand and headed straight for the bedroom floor. Does that mean Bill can also tell us how many fingers we’re holding up with his eyes closed?

5. Jason’s Friendly Driver May (or May Not) Be Warlow

Growing up without parents is hard, especially when you don’t have anyone around to tell you getting into beat-up cars with strange old men is a no-no. Jason discovers he might have picked the wrong station wagon to hitch a ride with when the driver goes batty at the mention of Warlow and straight up vanishes, leaving poor Jason strapped in the passenger seat of a rogue car. At least he still has his gun?

6. Bill Is Repossessed by Not One, Not Two, But Three Liliths

Absorbing the being of a vampiric deity has some weird perks, especially when said deity is a hot naked chick. Bill goes from minding his own business to venturing into his office at the beck and call of a creepy woman’s voice. Next thing he knows, three visions of Lilith appear and get sucked into his body without warning. Totally not cool.

Bonus: Alcide, the Ladies Man

They say women are drawn to power, and Alcide’s (Joe Manganiello) woodsy threesome with Rikki (Kelly Overton) and Danielle (Jamie Gray Hyder) proved that point to a stereotypical tee. Surprisingly, the naughty werewolf romp was the only instance of sexy time we got in the Season 6 premiere. In all honestly, that’s the bigger WTF moment.