True Blood Season 7: 4 Reasons Eric Won’t Be Dead
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True Blood

True Blood Season 7: 4 Reasons Eric Won’t Be Dead

A lot went down in the True Blood Season 6 finale (Episode 10: "Radioactive"), but none of it was as dramatic and potentially traumatic as Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) suddenly bursting to flames atop a mountain. Is that really how Eric goes out? We refuse to believe he's actually experienced the true death.

In fact, to ease our anxiety, we've come up with a list of four reasons we think Eric will be undead and kicking come Season 7.

We didn't see the "body." Or, more accurately, the pile of goo. It's a well-known TV truism that if a main character is supposedly dead but you don't actually see the body, chances are they'll be returning from the grave faster than you can say "that's a stupid cliffhanger." We saw Eric burst into flames, but we didn't see him dissolve into a gooey mess, which means there's still time for the writers to save him.

Pam's looking for him. And lo and behold, Pam is out looking for him. Why make such a big deal of Pam going off to find her maker if the writers aren't going to use her to save him? It seems so obvious.

He's too big a fan fave to kill. The writers already killed Terry to prove they're willing to bring down a beloved character; we don't buy that they'd also end Eric in the same season. And, honestly, he's much higher than Terry on the list of characters that it would be self defeating to do away with. We love Terry, but we'll keep watching without him. Many fans don't feel the same about Eric. If he's gone, so is a chunk of the viewing audience.

It was too mundane a death. While it would be gutsy for the writers to kill off such a big character in this random, borderline silly way, it's also pretty dismissive of Eric's many fans, and we don't think they'd mistreat their loyal viewers that way. If Eric was going to die, he'd go out in epic fashion, not because of a mistake on a mountain.

Do you think Eric will live? Sound off in the comments below.

08.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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