True Blood Season 7: Eric Northman Will Definitely Be Back — What Should His Arc Be?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 7: Eric Northman Will Definitely Be Back — What Should His Arc Be?

Truebies worldwide rejoiced when True Blood showrunner Brian Buckner revealed that Eric Northman will definitely be back in Season 7. Though he didn’t confirm that the vamp will be alive and well — claiming that it would be a “cheat” if he miraculously healed — Alexander Skarsgard will be a series regular come summer 2014.

Now that we know naked Eric didn’t suddenly disappear into a ball of fire in the Season 6 finale, we can breathe a little easier. Of course, it also gives us ample time to speculate what he will be doing next season. Read on for our wish list of what we think his arc should include — especially when it comes to him and his progeny, Pam — and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Pam saves Eric at the very last second. Since Eric was clearly lounging in the middle of nowhere, he couldn’t jump into a house quickly. Though he does have vampire speed, since he was on fire, it probably wasn’t easy for him to run away. However, if Pam arrived at the last second (perhaps just as the screen cut to black) to save her Maker, it would solve all of the “Is Eric dead?” problems. Alternatively, if he dove into the ice around him, we wouldn’t be mad at that, either.

Eric lives, but is in some way mutated. We love looking at sexy Eric, but what if something big changes in his near-True Death? Perhaps he becomes more powerful, or loses part of his vampire abilities. Or maybe he gains some humanity. Maybe something else unexpected and jaw-dropping. We’re open to any changes for him, but just want to see more of him when he’s not in flames.

Eric leads the defeat of Hep V vampires. Though he was all “go forth and kill the humans!” in the penultimate episode, he only did that because they made Hep V happen, and in turn, killed his sister. Now that Hep V has spread and mutated, he may want to help put an end to it — though he doesn’t show his love for Sookie, we doubt he’d want her to die.

Eric opens a new Fangtasia. Though the idea of Eric being a business owner isn’t the most exciting, if he could turn Fangtasia 2.0 into something more interesting, we’d be open to it. Perhaps more of him chaining people for fun in his basement or giving humans and vampires scandalous interactions? OK, maybe we just want to see Eric naked more — is that too much to ask? But in all seriousness, without being too servicey, he could help cure Hep V so that Nora’s fate doesn’t happen to anyone else, but is he really that generous? Probably not.

What do you want Eric to do in Season 7, Truebies? Sound off below!