True Blood Season 7: Eric’s Steamy Sex Scene With [SPOILER] — “They Had a Great Time Doing It”
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True Blood Season 7: Eric’s Steamy Sex Scene With [SPOILER] — “They Had a Great Time Doing It”

Several weeks ago we told you about a steamy “same-sex hookup between two non-gay characters” coming our way on True Blood, and in the June 29 instalment — Season 7, Episode 2: “I Found You” — that’s exactly what we were treated to. If you have yet to watch last night’s episode of the HBO hit then we recommend you click away, but if you did catch it then read on for more details on the raunchy four-and-a-half minute romp we won’t soon forget.

After six-plus seasons of little interaction, Truebies were given a real treat in Season 7, Episode 2, when Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) had an X-rated dream about Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). And in a church, no less! The sex dream may have been a bit of a surprise, but it turns out the seeds for Jason and Eric’s raunchy rendezvous were actually planted last season, when Eric gave Jason some of his blood to heal him in Vamp Camp. As are the rules of the True Blood world, once you drink a vamp’s blood, it’s possible that you could have an explicit dream about said vamp.

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) has obviously had steamy dreams about Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), and even Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) has gotten in on the sexy Bill dreams in the past, but Jason and Eric’s sex dream really took it to the next level. In short, those boys went at it — literally.

Entertainment Weekly spoke separately with Ryan, the episode’s writer, Kate Barnow, and the episode’s director, Howard Deutch, and the trio revealed plenty of stuff about that scene that we, as viewers, were totally unaware of. “This is Jason’s dream, so Alex kept saying, ‘Well, you tell me what to do, Ryan. It’s your dream.’ And Ryan would go, ‘Well, I don’t know. What do you want to do?’ It started like that until Alex said, ‘Well, you know, I could f—k him or I could kill him. I’m not sure’, Howard revealed. “And out of that came the notion that there’s violence in the eroticism. There’s a sense of, What is gonna happen here? It’s not just romantic. It’s dangerous as well.”

Although we spent much of the scene with our jaws on the floor, we did get that combined sense of eroticism and danger. “We wanted a very to and fro scene — much like a seesaw, where I would take the power base, then suddenly he would, then I would slowly gain it back, and then suddenly he would. We wanted that constant elastic-band-being-pulled type of feel,” Ryan explained.

Kate continued, “We wanted to make it feel like, ‘Oh, maybe, in Jason’s subconscious, he’s had feelings for Eric in ways that we’ve never known.’ I personally feel like the character Jason Stackhouse has probably always really admired Eric Northman from afar.”

And if you thought this scene may have been uncomfortable for Ryan and Alex to film, then think again. While there might have been some discomfort on set that day, it certainly didn’t come from the cast or crew. “We didn’t want to shy away from what a real love scene would look like with them. And of course, when it got hot and erotic, I was like, ‘Oh god, the entire crew is looking at me and thinking that this is my fantasy life,’” Kate dished. “That was the one problem with writing the scene. But it’s not like anyone instructed them on how to play the actual love scene — that was all them. And they had a great time doing it.”

For many True Blood fans this Jason/Eric scene was a long time coming, and although we’d say it was worth the wait, we hate to tell you that the vivid sex dream was a one-time event, “great time” aside. Sadly, Kate went on to reveal that the Season 7, Episode 2 scene is the only Jason-Eric sex dream we’ll get. Excuse us while we desperately try and figure out how to permanently save something on our DVR...

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Source: Entertainment Weekly