True Blood Season 7: Everything We Know and Where the Characters Left Off
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True Blood

True Blood Season 7: Everything We Know and Where the Characters Left Off

The True Blood Season 6 finale (Episode 10: “Radioactive”) aired Sunday, August 19, and left fans completely shocked. Not only were there a few surprising (if not questionable) deaths and disappearances, but we were also thrust into the future with a six-month time jump that left us scratching our heads with the wealth of information on each character’s plot line for True Blood Season 7.

From previous spoilers, we’ve learned showrunner Brian Buckner wants to bring the show back to its roots by placing emphasis on our core group of characters in Bon Temps — which he cleverly orchestrated by having a swarm of Hep V-mutated vamps surround the town in the very last second of the finale. This sets things up clearly for Season 7, so to prepare, we’ve rounded up everything we know thus far, plus where each character left off in the Season 6 finale.

Sookie Stackhouse

When we met the partial-fae in the season finale, Sookie Stackhouse was on the verge of being forcibly turned into Warlow’s vampire-faerie bride, but (as always), Sook was saved by her loved ones. After the time jump, Sookie hooks up with a shirtless, near-hairless Alcide Herveaux — we know, we definitely didn’t see that one coming — and the two seem happy, despite the looming threat surrounding Bon Temps. Sook and Alcide have made it clear that they would rather handle the threat on their own, but Bill doesn’t take no for an answer, and Sookie is caught between the two men as mutated vamps descend on the town.

Bill Compton

In the season finale, Bill Compton has lost all his “Billith” abilities after sacrificing himself to the trapped vamps at the Vamp Camp in Episode 9: “Life Matters.” With Lilith’s disappearance, Bill’s moral compass has returned and he once again finds himself on a quest to save Sookie. In the time jump, six months into the future, we see that Bill has written a book about being a god and he is now offering Sookie protection as the Hep V vamps threat approaches their quaint and quirky town. The interaction between Bill and Sookie seems to suggest that he still loves her, or at least wants her to trust him again.

Eric Northman

True Blood Season 7: Everything We Know and Where the Characters Left Off
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During the season finale, our guy Eric Northman is sitting atop a Swedish mountain top in his birthday suit reading a book and taking in some sun. When the effects of his Warlow’s magical blood wears off, he finds himself accidentally meeting the True Death… or does he? Viewers never actually saw the 1000-year-old vamp become a mass of vampiric goo, and with his eldest child Pam looking for him, as well as news that the hunky Viking will returns as a Season 7 series regular, we have a hunch that Eric may be back when things really hit the fan in Bon Temps.

Pam Swynford de Beaufort

When the finale ended, we were left only knowing that Pamela Swynford De Beaufort has left Bon Temps in search of Eric. She puts Tara in charge of Willa as she goes on her own quest to find her maker. But did she die saving Eric? Or are they happy in Sweden somewhere?

Tara Thornton

During the season finale, Tara Thornton is happy to be alive, and even frolicks for a while with her maker Pam on the Compton estate. However, Tara and Pam have a small blowout when Pam decides to leave her progeny (and Bon Temps) in search of Eric. This puts Tara in a sour mood, as well as in charge of Eric’s new vamp offspring, Willa. In the flashforward, Tara is cornered by her mother, who hopes to better their relationship. In order to do this, Lettie Mae Daniels (as she’s now Reverend Daniels’s wife) offers to be Tara’s blood donor in light of the Bon Temps’ likelihood of being attacked by savage vampires.

Jason Stackhouse

Jason Stackhouse has finally gotten over his affections for Jessica, and has shacked up with the new vamp, Violet, who claimed him at Vamp Camp. Six months after rescuing his sister from Warlow’s grasp, Jason has yet to “consummate” his relationship with Violet (who seems to have serious jealousy issues) and continues to stay faithful to his vamp girlfriend — for now.

Sam Merlotte

True Blood Season 7: Everything We Know and Where the Characters Left Off
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Probably one of the bigger changes for True Blood Season 7 is that we will see Sam Merlotte ditch the bar and grill for political office. Six months into the future, Sam is now mayor of his beloved town, and is expecting a baby with his woman, Nicole Wright. And that’s not all. One of his acts as mayor of Bon Temps is asking its citizens to donate blood to vampires in exchange for protection from the threat of wandering mutated vampires. While we never would’ve thought Sam would be willing to work with the vamps, it seems that we can expect to see a new and improved man.

Arlene Fowler Bellefleur

Six months after Terry Bellefleur’s death, Arlene Fowler Bellefleur has left her waitressing job, bought her former place of employment, and renamed it “Bellefleur’s.” Arlene not only seems to be making peace with being a widow, but she appears pretty content with the $3 million Terry’s life insurance policy left her with, making good use of the money.

Lafayette Reynolds

Donning his stylish headwraps, funky nail polish, and overall sassy presence, Lafayette Reynolds remains Lafayette. Nothing really happens to the cook after the 6-month time jump, but we can probably expect his medium powers coming in handy.

Jessica Hamby

True Blood Season 7: Everything We Know and Where the Characters Left Off
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Jessica Hamby escaped the True Death and got a new love interest, James, during the first half of the season finale. In the the time jump, Jessica and her vamp boyfriend are still together, but she continues to struggles with murdering three of Andy Bellefleur’s four faerie daughters (in Episode 4:"At Last"). In Season 7, it seems that Jess seeks to redeem herself by offering Andy and his surviving daughter Adilyn protection from the threat of marauding vampires — whether Andy likes it or not.

Andy Bellefleur

Andy Bellefleur goes back to being Sheriff of Bon Temps six months after helping Sookie and Jason fight Warlow. With the new threat of wandering vampires, Andy’s extra cautious for his half-fae daughter Adilyn and will go to any lengths to keep her safe.

So, for Season 7, we’re looking at a possible love triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Alcide (again), a family/political storyline for Sam, possible fidelity issues for Jason, and a redemption arc for Jessica. Let’s not forget the possible return of Eric and Pam, and Tara rebuilding her relationship with her mother. Oh yeah, and the town of Bon Temps fighting off a band of starving, savage, Hep V mutated vampires. No big deal.

Are you excited for the new character arcs for True Blood Season 7? Tell us your thoughts below!

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