True Blood Season 7 Speculation: Who Will Sookie End Up With?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 7 Speculation: Who Will Sookie End Up With?

Truebies everywhere have been crying tears of blood over the recent announcement that season seven of True Blood will be the last. Just when they were ditching the convoluted storylines and getting back to the show’s roots, they put the final nail in the coffin on us.

What’s left for us Truebies to do other than cry in our Tru Bloods (not infected by Hep-V, thank you very much)? We prefer to ponder the more important things, such as who Sookie is finally going to end up with on the show that has basically given her a flavor of the month.

Eric is likely out, what with him possibly being dead. And, sorry, but we refuse to believe the Alcide/Sookie pairing is going to last. They have about as much chemistry as Steve and Sarah Newlin. Ben/Warlow is long gone and Sam basically told her to skedaddle. So that leaves us with Bill.

It’s not just simple math and that’s all that we’ve got left, but we don’t think they’ll introduce a new love interest for Sookie this late in the game. We think they’ll create a lot of sexual tension with the love triangle between Alcide, the Sookster, and Bill (formerly known as Bilith), and milk that for all it’s worth. Maybe they’ll even have a good old-fashioned werewolf/vampire fight, for all of us closet Twihards.

In the end, we think Bill will be the last vamp standing. He will woo her with his old school charm and remind them of the magic they once had. Come on, you know that first season was magical. Sure, it’s rather inconvenient that they can’t have children but perhaps the show will write in some sort of faerie twist to that conundrum. Hey, they’ve stretched the limits with hybrid babies before. Alas, Sookie and Bill equal true love forever.

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Bill and Sookie forever.

Sookie and Eric need to end up together!